Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sick - Yuck!

I spent last night from around 9 PM until this morning around 8 AM with a stomach flu - NO FUN! After a long night of no sleep and running to the bathroom every 20 minutes, I finally got things under control and got a little sleep this morning. I spent the afternoon between the couch and recliner trying to fight off my temperature. But finally this evening, I'm drinking a little water and have actaully had a piece of bread. I'm finally feeling better and my fever is starting to go away.
Poor Zach has spent the day cleaning the house and disenfecting EVERYTHING. The last thing we need is to pass this stomach virus back and forth - excpecially since we only have one more week until the little one arrives.
No more news on the little one yet and we'll still be scheduling her birthday on Tuesday - so we'll let you know! Mom has been reading up on natural ways to get a baby to turn on thier own and it's getting pretty interesting! So far she thinks I should lay my ironing board at a 45 degree angle on the couch and lay down with my head close to the floor, play bad music up by the babies head and good music down where her head should be, and my favorite, go swimmming in a warm pool and do 5 handstands. Can you picture me in a swim suit first, and secondly, I'm thinking this big belly floats so I'd have to have Zach like Hold me down or something. Should be interesting for any spectators! At this point I'm not sure she can get back around though - and if she does it's going to HURT...I know she's trying, but she seems to get stuck right where the doctors did.
Anyway, more info to come on Tuesday!

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