Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Emma!

We know you all want to see more of Emma so Here you go! We're all doing well, but still in the hospital. Emma has a touch of Jaundice so she looks like a little Glow Worm right now laying on her blanket to help with that. She's doing great though. We're still working a little on feeding - but doing better each time. She's having a tough time staying awake because of the Jaundice, but we'll get through it!

We've enjoyed having visitors and she can't wait to meet everyone!!! See all our pics below!

"Aunt Renee" has been Wonderful! She's not only been by to see Emma - but she's also taking good care of our 1st baby - Friday. I'm sure Friday is loving seeing her as well!

Glenn came by and doesn't he look comfortable holding her!!!

Thanks again to everyone who has stopped by to see us and who have helped us along the way. We're so lucky to have such great friends and family! We can't wait for everyone else to meet this special littel girl!

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Nichole said...

She is soo cute! Congratulations :)