Monday, May 5, 2014

More February Visitors and Birthday Parties!

I knew I was going to need a little help with Emma's birthday and it just so happened that these 2 were planning a visit for mid-February - Perfect Timing!
Grandma Nesie always brings gifts - best gift for this little guy was a box of ties that Grandma Pete found.  They were my mom's brother's ties from when he was little.  They are pretty cute and my little Tie-Lover thought they were great!
That weekend brought Emma's birthday party for her friends. 
We had so much fun!  We made bracelets and necklaces...
Flip flops...
Ate lots of healthy food! (HA!)
And a little coloring too!
Pinata time!
Wow how time flies!  It was a great 6th birthday party! (And it's always a great visit with Grandma Nesie and Papa Knute!)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally February

February brought this little girl's 6th Birthday!!!  I can't believe that is even possible!!!
And Birthday's bring family so our first birthday family visitors were Papa Randa and Grandma Donna.  It was their first trip out to California to see us so we went to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate, to Monterey to see the ocean and to Chuck E. Cheese to see the Big Mouse himself! (Bet you can't guess which location was chosen by the Birthday Girl!)
I can't decide who was having more fun - the kids or the other 2 BIG kids!
Grandparents can't visit and bring only one kids gifts! 

Really - what is happening here?  That kid cracks me up!
Zach took his dad on a tour at the new Levi's stadium!
(Donna and I babysat the kids in the construction trailer...not sure how we got stuck with that gig!)
Can't go to Monterey without stopping at the park!
I can't decide if she was helping him or making him eat the rock...the conversation could easily go either way!
This little girl is FEARLESS!  You can't tell from the pictures - but these rocks were HIGH!
Even Papa got a little nervous when she wanted to come down from the tallest section of this one!
We had a great time with Papa Randy and Grandma Donna - can't wait until the next time!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Visit from our Besties!

In January our best friends Collin and Renee from Louisville came to visit!!! (I'm just a little behind in my blogging!)  These three kiddos are 9 months apart from each other and have grown up together in every way!  Emma and Collin, even after a year apart, are still going to get married!  Love these kids!
It was a short visit - but we managed to get to the beach in Monterey for some playground fun and rock climbing.  The waves that weekend were big and beautiful!

We were sad for them to leave and can't wait until the next visit! 
We miss our besties!  But we're just down the street (and around the corner) - right Renee! :)