Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays

Well - we're finally home from our 11 day holiday tour. It all started last Friday when Emma and Chase decided to wake up at 3 AM and never went back to sleep! So we all got up and hit the road (a little later than expected since Zach and I were grasping for just 15 minutes more of sleep that we never got!). After an 8 hour trip (and only stopping once for the kids to get out - beat that travelers with infants!) we met Grandpa Randy, Grandma Donna and Grace to drop a tired Emma off with them for the night. Then we headed back down to Warrensburg for the annual "Not So Silent Night" party with our friends. We had a great time and Chase did well, but of course decided not to drink from a bottle so I had a little less fun than I had planned! On Saturday, we picked up Emma and went back to Warrensburg for a day of fun at the Ward's. The boys cooked an AMAZING dinner and have a new shopping trip story with Emma and Ella that you'll have to ask them about! Who doesn't love taking a 2 and a 3 yr old shopping! We had a great night playing with all the kids and we can't thank our Warrensburg FAMILY enough. You truely are family to us and we love you all!

The girls eating at the Ward's
Gracie holding Chase - she's going to be big help mom when that little boy arrives!

On Sunday we headed back to KC and spent the entire day at Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna's. Emma and Chase made out with all their gifts! We knew we were in trouble right away because there was no way all this loot was going to fit in the car for the ride home! And of course - a few rounds of Scrabble were a blast - even though I never win! I swear Donna cheats - who could possibly know all those words!
Chase and Emma checking out Chase's new toy
Which one do I play with - kitchen or microphone - tough decisions!

Hanging out at Dad and Donna's house

Emma feeding her new baby - Thanks Grandma Donna and Grandpa Randy

Monday we hung out with Grandma Debi and just relaxed. Tuesday we hung out with Grandma Debi again and then went over to see Zach's cousins and thier kids. Emma had fun running wild in thier basement and playing with the girls. Of course we came home with presents and even some puzzles and a purse for Emma - She Loves them! That's what's she's playing with as I type this now! On the way home we drove by our old townhouse in Blue Springs and then hit Walnut street for the lights. It was perfect for Emma and we heard "pretty lights" over and over again!

Grandma Debi and Chase are all smiles

Wednesday Zach and I met up with our KC Centerplate friends and had a few drinks and some good laughs while Emma played with Grandma Debi and Chase hung out with Grandma Donna. Both kids enjoyed thier own time without us around I'm sure!

Thursday we spent a rushed Christmas Eve with Grandma Debi and Randy, Sharron, Andy and Charles. The weather took a turn that morning and a Winter Blizzard was headed in so we ate, opened presents and headed to Iowa before the storm got too bad. We hated to rush but didn't want to miss getting to spend time in Iowa either. The drive home was very long and tense for Zach - 50 mile an hour winds, blowing snow and icy roads. But we got home just in time before it got too bad. And after drinks and stories - Zach and Carrie decided it was a perfect time to go sledding.
Getting all geared up for the cold - nice blue snow pants babe!
Partners in crime - don't they look cute and warm - for now at least!
Snow angel on the drift on the deck
My attempt to catch the moment on camera - too much blowing snow. It was COLD!

We had hoped to attend Christmas Eve church this year - but it was canceled (the 1st time ever I think) so we hung out with Grandma Denise and Grandpa Knute instead. Christmas day we actually postponed our large family Christmas too - so dad plowed his way over to pick up Great Grandma Pete and we had our immediate family all day snowed in for our own Christmas - also a 1st! With more presents and more food - how could anyone complain. We stayed snowed in on Saturday and just spend time with the family. Carrie, Zach and I decided to take Emma sledding - I think she liked it but who could tell with all that stuff on!

Emma opening her gifts from Santa - she was so excited!

Grandma Denise and Chase hanging out while opening Christmas presents!

Tyler's 1st bath in Grandma Denise's kitchen sink - he seemed to like it!
Emma for the 1st time in real snow!
Emma's 1st time sledding - I think she liked it but how could you tell with all that stuff on!
Chase and Aunt Carrie - I think he helped her win.
Sunday we had baby Tyler's baptism in the morning and then we had our large family Christmas with all the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents. Baptism went well - no babies cried and Tyler did great up there. Zach and I were sponsors so when we went up front - Emma noticed us up there and everyone heard "Mama - Dada - Ifford (Clifford - the big red dog which she's obsessed with). At Grandma Pete's we had Great food, way too many presents, and lots of fun. It was great to see Emma and Lauren (who are pretty much the same age) play and run around. I can't wait to see it next year when Tyler and Chase are big enough to join in!

The whole family at Tyler's Baptism
Lauren and Emma at Grandma Pete's
Daddy and Chase
Emma, Me, Great Grandma Pete, Chase and Grandma Denise
Emma and Lauren kissing goodbye

Grandma Pete and all the kids

Grandpa Knute and Chase

Monday we headed home. Sad to go but ready to be back in our own house with much less Christmas cookies and treats around! It was a long drive - but in the end not too bad for traveling with 2 kids under 2 for 11+ hours. It only took us less than an hour longer than it does mom and dad when they only stop once - so not too bad!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Cookie Time!

So the other day Zach and I decided that it was time to make our Christmas sugar cookies!!! We baked them while Emma was napping and then got ready to have her help decorate with us when she woke up. Well - she never did nap, but after playing in her room for way too long - we were ready to go. She was so excited. And suprisingly - she did a great job. Zach gave her the 1st cookie frosted and then some things to decorate with. She even got the cookie decorated pretty well before she just started eating. I think she decorate/ate 5 cookies! Sugar overload!!! She helped sprinkle the ones we made while making her own creations. We had a great time and our cookies turned out great. In fact, I think they're some of the best we've ever made. We're having no trouble eating them! Enjoy the pics!

Before figuring out how good they taste!

Happy with our decorating this year!

Just a few of our creations - yummy!

Big sis and her little bro
Dad and Chase hanging out

Chase watching TV
And the last thought for today - We just wanted to tell our Rhodes "family" how sad we are for thier loss. Today Zach is in Warrensburg, MO for the Celebration of Life ceremony for Dusty Rhodes. Dusty passed away last Friday and he will be Greatly missed. We just want to say to Josh, Jason, Barb, Jess and the rest of the Rhodes family that we miss you and love you. You're in our thoughts and prayers each day.