Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mexico - no kids allowed!

I firmly believe that everyone should sit on a beach at least once a year - and No Kids Allowed! (They can go on the 2nd trip of each year to the beach!) That being said - on Easter (boy am I behind) Zach and I left for Mexico for a few days. We spend the week eating great food, relaxing and just enjoying a little peace and quite...with a few drinks in our hands at all times...can you say All Inclusive! The view from our bed on the beach - Heaven!

That's us doesn't happen often!

The beach

More of the resort

All I have to say is...When can I go back??!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Looking for a new place to call home?

You could be the proud owner of this beautiful home!!! Yes - we're selling. Well, I should say the house is for sale...who knows in this market if we're truely selling or not! But we're putting our toe in the water to see what happens. The house has been listed for a few weeks, but this week interest has picked up. So if you're looking - come see our wonderful home...and Make Us An Offer!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

2011 Kentucky Derby

So the Kentucky Derby has come and gone this year and I'm just getting around to posting. We had a GREAT time and feel very lucky that we have had so many opportunites to go to such an amazing event. Zach and I hung out with all our friends at the track while Emma and Chase spent the day with our Wonderful friend Jessica and her family. Our little man is quite excited about horses and is STILL talking about them everyday!

So every year I take pictures of our friends and us - but this year my pictures were all a little different. There was this one...

See all those white coats - those are just some of the Chefs that make all the food possible for the Derby - aren't you glad that the workers of all these events get to come out and watch the big race! They had a great spot - front row on the Roof of Churchill!

And then this one is for all my Yum!Center peeps...

Yes - that's the love of your lives up there high in the sky! (I think there was some cursing everytime that sign few by!)

And then this one is just for Emma...

How pretty is that horse with all her flowers!

And this is for Zach...

He was pretty pumped to see his favorite storm guy in the booth right in front of us - made me a little nervous -was there a hurricane or tornado rushing towards us? I mean really - what other reason is there for The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore to be at the Derby???

We had a Great day at the Derby and can't wait for next year!!!