Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Chase!

Here's some more photos of baby Chase as well as the rest of us! Hope you enjoy!
The Hensleys - 1st Family of 4 Photo!!!
Chase was So awake last night!
Daddy and Emma!

Daddy and Chase!

Big Sister Emma

Zach, Chase and Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna right after Chase was born.

7:47 on Thursday, August 27th! Happy Birthday Chase!

And for an update - everyone is doing great. Chase is eating and sleeping well. Mom is feeling great and getting around well too. So things are looking good. We'll probably be headed home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon if all continues well.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome our new baby boy

Welcome Chase Aiden Hensley

He is finally here!! Chase Aiden Hensley was born on August 27, 2009 at 7:47 am. He weighs 7 lbs 4 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long. Procedure went well, but Val did not feel well until around 4 pm or so due to nausea. Everyone is healthy and doing great.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

39 Weeks Pregnant

So, baby #2 arrives early tomorrow morning. Grandpa Randy reminded me that I haven't posted any belly pictures this pregnancy. So here's one! It makes me look even bigger than I really am, I think. I have done really well this pregnancy and have only gained about 12 pounds! I am not swollen and even still have ankles in this August weather -
which I'm personally amazed!

We have to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM! Our c-section is scheduled at 7:30 - so if all goes well, we'll have a new addition to our family by 8 AM eastern time!
Can't Wait!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All About Emma

Ahh - What a cutie!!!

Yes - this is the last post that will be ALL ABOUT EMMA! On Thursday, little brother will be here and we will have to start sharing the fame of this blog with him. But I think Emma is okay with that - well - okay, we'll see!

Anyway - not much happening, but I wanted to post a few more pictures of Emma before Thursday. She is growing up so fast these days. She's officially 18 months old. She is really into books and animals and knows ALL the animal sounds. This video shows off just a few - but there are a ton more she knows.

Emma's Animal Noises

Yesterday Daddy came home early and took Emma to the park while I got a massage. (It was fabulous!) And then today, Louisville Grandma Barb took Emma to the State Fair so I could get a few more things done (okay - I got a pedicure). I think we're headed to a concert at the State Fair tonight - which may or may not be an enjoyable trip at 9 months prego! Tomorrow it's finishing touches around the house and packing bags for our hospital stay. We go in at 5:30 AM on Thursday and will have a baby before 8 AM Eastern time! We're very excited - but also sad to say that Emma will not be the baby any more. Definately mixed emotions on my end. Wish us luck and hopefully everything will go smoothly on Thursday!

Freeze Pops with Daddy
Perks of Daddy working all those ball games!

Emma and Zach at Slugger - Emma was ready for bed that night!

Emma and Mommy!

Cheesy girl! Gotta Love Her!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Love Baseball

Collin & Emma at Slugger Field!

So last Saturday while Zach was still in KC, Renee, Lauren and I took the 2 little ones to the ballpark. We had such a great time! Both Collin and Emma were very well behaved which makes everything more enjoyable! We even got to eat at the fresh pasta bar action station (yes, a shameless plug for Zach at Slugger Field - you've got to try it!).

I was so proud of Emma - she sat from the top of the 3rd inning through the 9th in the seats and watched the game and the Famous Chicken! She was a very good girl! She loves to watch ball - but that's a long time for an 18 month old!

Val & Emma

Renee & Collin

Lauren & Emma - Thanks Lauren for all your help this summer!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Emma and Jack at the pool!

This summer we've been so lucky to be able to swim with our friends Jack, Peter and Naomi! Emma has always loved bath time - and she loves the pool too! I'm so glad because I could live in the water I think! I'm really bad about getting photos of her swimming though because I'm always in the pool with her - so here are a few of her lounging around with Jack poolside.

Emma taking a break from the water

Jack and Emma eating Bananas!

Still eating - and Jack's modeling Emma's life jacket!

We swam twice in 2 days this weekend and it was GREAT! Emma got to try out her new life jacket that Grandma Denise brought down on thier last trip. She LOVES it. She hasn't mastered staying upright in it alone yet - but can kick her legs and move her arms if you just barely hold onto the back of it and she can swim around. She Loves to splash and play "chase" with Jack in the pool and she even likes being dunked under water and blowing bubbles. She's a natural! I'll try to get some action shots of her in the pool later this week when we go again.

On a sad note - Zach left today for KC to help open the Chiefs stadium. He'll be gone until next Sunday night. We're not excited to spend the week alone, but have lots of things to do this week to get ready for baby! I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday so more updating then!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adventures with Collin

Emma's boyfriend, Collin, spent the afternoons with us last week. We had so much fun! Emma really did well with him here...although she still doesn't get "gentle" or that Collin can't eat fruit loops and things like that. Collin can't crawl yet so we really worked hard on trying to show him how! Emma loves to mimic Collin - as you can see in the video - and also was quite the mother and helper. She would run right to him if he cried to give him a hug and would wipe his mouth with his bib if she saw him drool.

Title: No babies were hurt in the filming of this video...

Collin trying to crawl...he's so close!

Between keeping Emma from throwing toys at Colling (which - hey - we're sharing so I can't be too mad right!) and keeping her from jumping right on him (sorry Collin - but if you'd just crawl you'd have a fighting chance!) it was quite the week!

We'll keep you anytime Collin! Can't wait for your next visit!

Congrats Daddy!

Zach ran another race today here in Louisville. This one was a 4 mile race which Zach hoped to run in under 32 minutes. Emma and I had a great time waiting for him at the finish line - and were not suprised at all to see him cross the finish line in just over 27 minutes!!! He came in 21st out of 220 runners - Huge Accomplishment!!! He definately beat his goal! Naomi and Jeff, who both work with Zach, also ran and both beat their goal times as well. Jeff and Zach were both 3rd in their age group and Naomi came in 1st in her age group. Congrats you guys! Here's a few pictures from the morning!

Emma waiting for Daddy at the Finish Line!

Here He Comes!

Ahh - what a great race!

Zach, Naomi and Jeff

Zach and Emma after the race

Zach was 3rd in his age group! Congrats Daddy!!!
We also wanted to say Congrats to our friend Hillary who completed her 1st Triathlon today and did GREAT! Congrats you ambitious people! We're so proud of all of you - but I think I'll stick to watching until after little buckaroo makes his entrance into the world. I'm pretty sure I couldn't even walk 4 miles today - I'm Exhausted!