Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Houdini the Spinning Baby

Yes - I have Houdini the Spinning Baby inside of me. After all we went through last week - she turned on her own last night. I had a dream that she had - and when I rolled over I thought - "Wow - I'm actually comfortable!" So we went to the doctors office this morning and after discussing c-sections, she felt her and sure enough - she had turned! The doctor verified with the ultrasound and then we discussed how easily she turned! So now the doctors are worried she will turn around again whenever she feels like it - so we've decided we'll go in to the doctor next Tuesday and if she's head down, we'll be induced Wednesday the 13th. And if she's flipped again, then we'll schedule a c-section for Wednesday the 13th. Either way - she's coming out (or at least starting to come out) on the 13th!
So probably no more news until next Tuesday - Wish us Luck!!! Seems like we're going to need it with this little Crazy Girl!!!

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