Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma!

So there is a TON going on these days. Most importantly - Miss Emma turned 2! We had a Great Valentines Day and Birthday. We started the birthday weekend off by Grandma Debi arriving on Friday morning. We picked her up at the airport and then went out to lunch with Zach. The rest of the day we spent at home playing. On Saturday Zach headed out early for another race - he did great even with the snow and ice and ran a 4 mile race (which was cut down to 3.6 because of the ice in the park). Then we went to lunch and then split up to do a little more birthday shopping. On Saturday night, Grandma Debi, Emma and Chase had heart shaped pizza and watched a movie while Zach and I went out for a Valentines dinner alone. It was GREAT and much needed time away. Sunday - Valentines Day and Birthday day - we woke up and ate pink heart shaped pancakes (thanks Daddy) and then got all ready for the big party!
She loves books!

How exciting - a new water and sand toy!

Emma with her boyfriend Collin!

Blowing out the big candle

Yum - Cake!!!

Dakota, Amber and Emma eating cake and ice cream

Grandma Debi and Emma doing new puzzles

Chase and Daddy cuddling

Balloons - the Best gift Ever!

Grandma Debi and the kids (my flash is no longer working - ugh)

Emma got some great presents including a swing, her 1st barbie, books, puzzles, a marker board and much more. But I think we all should have saved our money and just got her balloons. They have been the big hit so far! We had a huge cupcake cake, cupcakes and a heart shaped cake for her birthday. Emma had a great time playing with her boyfriend Collin and Amber and Dakota and loved opening up all her gifts and eating cake and ice cream.

It's hard to believe that she's 2. Time has gone by so quickly. She's such a big girl these days and I can't imagine life without her. Hope you enjoy the pictures from our weekend and thanks to everyone for the gifts and making her birthday special. We love you all. We'll update more later after her 2 year old visit and let you all know how big she is (or little). We're suposed to go in today - but with the snow we're getting it might be postponed. We'll see!!! Enjoy!

Emma playing with Playdough - one of our new favorite activities!

Monday, February 8, 2010

St. Louis Trip

Emma and Aunt Carrie swimming

Well - we made it! I took Emma and Chase to St Louis last Thursday to meet up with my mom and dad, Carrie, Allison and Andrew and baby Tyler. We decided to make a family trip when I found out that Zach was headed to the Superbowl for 9 days and I was going to be stuck at home - did I mention the 9 days...ugh - that's a long time! So anyway, everyone decided to meet me in St Louis since I decided that 5 hours was as far as I could go with 2 kids under the age of 2 by myself. Yes - by myself. I was feeling slightly crazy as I packed the car the night before and neither kid made it easy to get everything done and out the door on Thursday. But both kids were AMAZING in the car both ways!!! We stopped at one rest stop on the way to change diapers and feed Chase and then I had to stop quickly for gas. But those were the only stops and there was not any crying or anything the WHOLE trip!
Aunt Carrie relaxing with Chase and Emma

Aunt Carrie met us Thursday night at the hotel and we went swimming and ate pizza before Grandma Denise and Grandpa Knute got there. Emma was up until at least 11 pm every night, but was a champ with little crying and fits during the day. And I have to admit - I enjoyed the cuddling at night even though I got kicked most of the night! Friday we went shopping while Grandpa Knute watched Emma - I think she wore Grandpa out more than he did her - but they were both trying to nap when we got back! Friday night Aunt Allison, Uncle Drew and baby Tyler met us for dinner and swimming. Saturday we went to my Aunt Ruth's house to eat pizza and play. We had a great time catching up with our cousins and the kids all did pretty well! After that we did a little more swimming and just hung out at the hotel.

Emma napping after playing with Grandpa

Emma putting George to bed with her and Grandpa

We had Emma's birthday with my family and she Loved opening gifts - of course. She got some great stuff including more Clifford books and a new big wheel motorcycle and colors for the bath! She was not so thrilled with our singing of Happy Birthday - she ran screaming and covering her ears...I guess we're not that good of singers??? And really didn't want to blow out any candles - but we ate cake anyway!

New Shoes - she really likes them - Thanks Grandma and Grandpa

It was a great trip - but most of all we REALLY REALLY miss our Daddy! We can't wait to see him this afternoon. Now - snow snow go away - come again another day - or at least after 4 pm! How's that for a little positive thinking mom?!!? Get home soon Zach - we miss you and I'm really tired!!!

Emma Loved the pool - so that's where we spent a lot of time. She is such a water baby! I Love it! She learned to swim on her own (with her life jacket of course)! What a Big Girl!!!

I wrote this all last night and now this morning it looks like the snow didn't cooperate. We've got 4 inches - which for you Iowa people is nothing but it will completely shut down Louisville since it's still snowing now at 8 AM. Don't think this is going to help get our Daddy home - but we're still crossing our fingers!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Always Something Going On...

So there is always something going on - but I guess not much to write about recently. Zach was out of town for 4 days for national meeting and is now back out of town again working the Superbowl. Great for him in warm and sunny Miami - Bad for us stuck here in the house since it's cold outside! We miss him and can't wait for him to come back home, but we're enjoying the short videos he's sending us!

So recently Chase has really started to grow. He Loves sitting in the walker and jumper now and wants to stand all the time. He is very tickelish under his arms and is a screamer - but I guess that's the only way we'd hear him over all Emma's talking. He's eating lots of baby food (squash, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, applesauce, yougert and cereal) and really loves it. He is still not sleeping through the night but is getting better. He also still eats every 2-3 hours during the day even with the extra baby food so I'm anxious to see how much he has grown by his 6 mo check-up.
Chase in his Walker
Doesn't he look so big!

Emma helping Daddy feed Chase - she's not too bad at it!

Emma is in full "Terrible 2" mode. She knows exactly what she wants and isn't affraid to tell you. She is resisting naps frequently - mostly because she can find plenty to do in her room instead of sleeping. She's showing all signs of getting ready to potty train and does go on the "big girl potty" but not consistently. She loves playing in the snow with Zach and had her 1st hot chocolate last weekend after being out to scoop the driveway. She thought she was pretty big! Even though she is a little crazy girl and sometimes naughty - she is a very sweet and loving girl as well. She is really good with Chase and truely loves him. She is always making sure he has toys and doesn't like to see him cry. She is doing great with her numbers and colors and every day amazes me with something new she can do. (I'm wondering who is teaching her all this stuff because I know I'm not that good of a Mommy!Hehe)

Emma making snow angels

Shoveling with the dust pan!

Pretty Snow!

She loves playing in the snow!

We love you and miss you Daddy -

Come home soon!!!