Saturday, February 23, 2008

My 1st Week Home

Grandma and Grandpa Hallquist came to Louisville to visit us for Emma's 1st week home. They were so excited to see her. They made it to the hospital on Sunday just in time to meet her doctor and for her to tell us Emma is well enough to go home! So we headed home and have only been out to go to the doctor a few times since then. The weather is cold and icy - so we're staying in. And hopefully the weather and flu season will be over soon so we can go out and play!

Emma's jaundice was a littel better when we left the hospital and looked like it was gone by our 1st dr appt the next day. We spent a little time laying naked in the sun - she looked So Cute! She had also lost weight (going from 6lbs 11oz to 5lbs 14oz). So we headed home to feed, feed feed! She had gone up to 6lbs 4oz by Wednesday so Dr. Poppalardo was very happy! We go back in on Monday to see how much more she's gained!

While my mom and dad were here, we played with Emma of course, and mom and dad were SOO Helpful with laundry and cleaning and cooking - which was wonderful because I was still feeling pretty sore! After a week - I'm feeling much better. Still sore - but I can actaully get around without much help and pain. Zach went to work a few days here and there - but has been able to spend more time at home with his little girl. She already has him wrapped around her little finger. Grandma and Grandpa Hallquist left this morning for their long drive home - we wish they could have stayed and cried when they left. Can't help but miss your Mommy right!

Zach has been the diaper God!!! He's been great since day 1 with all the diaper changing and making sure everything but feeding was taken care of. I'm sure he'd do that too if he had the goods! He even had his 1st cloth diaper experience this week. He handled it like a champ. I think I've got him convinced that it's not a bad idea! And she looks SOOO cute in her prefold and diaper cover! She's still so small so our cloth diapers are pretty bulky on her - but they work just fine. We're going to do cloth during the day at home - but we're still doing a little disposable at night. We'll see how it works and keep you updated!

Tomorrow Grandma Debi visits for the week and Emma can't wait to meet her! I"ll try to keep updating the blog for everyone that can't make it to Louisville to meet our little angel - she is beautiful!!!

Miss you all!

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Jessica said...

Hey Zach , Just wanted to say congratulation's to you and Val , She is Beautiful , she looks like the Hensleys well from what i know and Have seen. Good luck!!!