Thursday, May 19, 2011


I know it's been forever - I'm sorry! I've got some catching up to do. We'll start at Thunder Over Louisville!

This year - Grandma Debi decided to come down for Thunder. We spent the morning at the house since it was pretty cold and we didn't want to go down too early and have such a long day. We headed downtown mid afternoon, stopped at Slugger to play in the play area to wear out the kiddos, walked the waterfront just to see the crowds - and then headed inside the arena for the rest of our night. We had the BEST view of the fireworks - Didn't have to deal with Any crowds since we were at a private party - Great FOOD (of course - go Centerplate!). It was pretty nice - guess there are some perks to having a husband who works way more than he should!! Anyway - here's the pics - sorry I didn't take very many~

Our View!

(If you can't tell - the fireworks are shot off the bridge

which is right outside our windows - it was great!)

Emma cheesin it up before fireworks!

Me and Em - hanging out!

The kids found a friend and spent a lot of time playing and coloring with him on the floor - they had the best view in town! (sorry it's sideways)

Just the two of them - they loved their spot.

So another Thunder Success! Can't wait until next year!


Since I'm still behind - so we'll start with Easter today! Zach and I planned a little adult get-away and it just happened that we left town on EASTER - oops! When I realized it I was pretty sad - no Easter church, brunch and egg hunting like usual. So we decided to do eggs a little early this year. The kids actually got to do 3 hunts - 1 at school, 1 at the church where the kids go to daycare and another time at home the day before Easter. They had a ball - but I'm still sad I missed church! (Check back for more on that trip I told you about!!!)