Monday, December 1, 2008

Fun with our Family!

We had a great time with the family over Thanksgiving. We ate a lot, played some games, went to the races and even got a new kitchen floor - THANK YOU RANDY!!!!

Here's some pictures of the great time we had. Charles and Emma are good buddies and Emma loved having her cousin down to play with her. We can't wait to see everyone at Christmas.

Santa was at Churchill - This is the 2nd time she's met Santa and you can see she still hasn't figured out that he's the guy that brings toys!
Emma & Charles Playing

Randy, Charles and Emma at the track

Charles sliding into home at Louisville Slugger Field

Charles Zach and Emma at Churchill Downs

Zach Val and Emma at the races - boy I'm glad we had a snowsuit!!!

Emma also wanted to tell her new boyfriend Collin to get better soon so she can come play. Collin is back at the hospital getting a nice tan under those warm lights to help him with his jaundice. He's eating well and starting to gain some weight back. Little guy is Too cute! We can't wait to have our 1st play date! Hurry home Collin!!!