Thursday, February 14, 2008

Emma Paige Hensley is here!!!!

We began February 13th with the intent to go to the hosptial around 7 am. However the twelve delivering women who arrived at night had a different thought. After hours of waiting we finally made it to the hospital around 1:30 pm. After the Petocin drip we waited for around 2 hours for the doctor to break the water. When the water was broke, contraction began to happen around 5 minute intervals. Although, Val was still 2 cm and 80% thinned. At around 7:30 pm, Val had decided to get the epideral (to reduce pain and to hopefully calm her for her cerix to dialate more). Poor girl, doctor missed and knicked a bone (OUCH!!) Contractions we happening 3-4 minutes apart, but still 2 cm. Finally at around 10 pm, 3 cm, Val was comfortable but her butt was sore from sitting. At around 1:30 am good contractions and 4 cm, but babies heart beat was a roller coaster during contractoins. So, nurse put more fluid in uterus to stablize heart beat and would check on Val at 2:30 am. At 2:30 am only, 5 cm dilated and babies heart beat still up and down. Dr. Miller consulted us and said with all that is going on (13 hour slow cervix, babies heart beat, etc..) she suggested a C-section. We agreed just wanting to do what is best for the baby. C-section began around 3:20 am and baby was delivered at 3:40 AM. What a cutie!!! She was 6 lbs 11 oz and 18" long. See pictures below


Mira said...

She is stinking GORGEOUS! I love her!!! Congrats guys! So tiny!

molly said...


Dani said...

She is beautiful!! Little girls are so precious. I hope she has as much attitude as you two do!!! Enjoy the ride!!!