Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun with Daddy!

Now that Zach's working a TON - I wanted to post a few pics of Emma playing with Daddy on one of his few nights at home! And we also heard yesterday that Emma's hips are fine! So good news!

Nothing else new here - just getting ready to go back to work and for Emma to go to daycare. Aunt Allison and Uncle Drew will be here on Saturday and then Tom will be back in on Tuesday. Chow Wagon will be in full swing tomorrow so we'll have pics of Emma down there too. She's been a busy girl lately going to Kyle's ballgames and playing with Nenee (Renee) and Lauren - by the way - THANKS RENEE and Lauren and Kyle for Always Helping out and playing with Emma! You're the Best!!!

Yes - we suck on our hand a lot now - and sometimes we even find our thumb!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Emma (and Zach and I) have officially been through our 1st Earthquake! The 1st was at 5:40 am this morning - but NONE of us woke up! I guess it shook the houses pretty good! We're all so tired - nothing wakes us! But then at 11:15 - Emma and I were rocking in the loft and I felt us shake - and then the lamp was shaking and I though the wall was going to fall off the house. I looked outside thinking maybe it was REALLY windy...No wind! Then the news confirmed another quake! Crazy huh!
On another note - Emma had her ultrasound yesterday on her hip but we haven't heard any results yet. We're not really worried about it - I'm sure it's fine. (For those who we haven't talked to - Dr Wallace wanted us to have the ultrasound done because her hips are still really loose and she can hear a slight click in the left hip. When Emma lays on her back and pulls her legs up like frog legs her legs still lay flat on the table...which most babies her age do not do anymore I guess...I think it's cute and she's just really flexible!) So we'll post more when we get an update...either later today or next week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2 Months Old!

We're officially 2 Months old!!! Yesterday was Emma's 2 month birthday - but with getting 4 shots at the doctor she was not up for a photo shoot! So today was the day! Here's some pictures of the big girl! She weighs 8lbs 10oz and is 20 1/2 inches long.
So a little thing - And cute as a button!
(And Thanks to the Geringer's for a TON of clothes - the overalls she has on are from them.)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Emma's 1st THUNDER!!!

(Mom, Dad and Emma at THUNDER Over Louisville)

Emma got to experience THUNDER Over Louisville for the 1st time!!! I think she might have been the youngest baby there and I know tons of people looked at me like I was a horrible mother! Oh well - won't be the last time I'm sure! Let me explain...

Grandma and Grandpa Hallquist came to visit this weekend and to watch Emma on Friday morning so I could go help out daddy with preperations for Thunder. Daddy has been sooo busy with getting ready for Thunder and Opening Day for the Bats (Slugger Field) was on Friday as well. On Friday, it was 75 and Sunny in the afternoon - so we decided at the very last minute to take Emma to Opening Day - Her very 1st of a million Baseball games! (Of course - I am a bad mom and didn't pack the camera! Many more so it's okay!) It got chilly that night - but we snuggled and of course have the opportunity to be inside and not out in the cold.

(Grandma and Grandpa Hallquist and Emma at the Hotel for THUNDER!)

On Saturday morning, Zach called us to let us know that his hotel room at the Galt House had a view of the 2nd street bridge and the Ohio River - which is where THUNDER fireworks show and the air show all takes place. He was so suprised to have the view he made a few phone calls and got us passes for the hotel (due to security you have to have a wristband to get in), a parking pass for the hotel and an extra room key. We rushed around to get ready and headed downtown! Of course the weather was cloudy, 50 degrees and Windy. So it was pretty chilly even with warm coats on down by the river. We bundled Emma in her snow suit (which is still SOOO Big on her) and put her in her stroller with lots of blankets and off we were. We walked around, ate, and watched the air show. Then back to the hotel to play and warm up - and then back out to eat dinner and see Daddy a little more. We watched the Thunder fireworks from the hotel and it was WONDERFUL!!! Emma slept through it - but we can still say she got to be there!

(playing in the hotel with Grandma)

Good news - The Colic is Gone!!!! At least for the past few days she has been a WONDERFUL baby! My Emma is BACK!!!

We go to see Dr Joe tomorrow and Emma has to get a few shots. It's our 2 month visit!!! I'll update more then!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Death in the Family

It is with great sadness that I announce that we have had a death in our family...Jade - our beloved beta fish has passed. Jade is Emma's 1st pet death. Her daddy had to explain what death was and she seemed to understand. Of course she is very sad - as we all are. She was a good fish - never left her bowl and demanded little attention. We held services for Jade yesterday morning as she had a water burial. We have yet to determine the cause of death - but do not suspect foul play.

On a lighter note...Emma is taking a very good nap this morning and hopefully we'll have a good afternoon because yesterday was a little rough. Seems like I can get her to sleep - but as soon as I lay her down it's all over...night and day. Right now the swing is working - so she may be sleeping there until we can get her out of this mode!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Rattle

Just when you think you're too tired to laugh - Emma does something new! Last night I fought Emma and her colic againg from about 8 pm until around midnight. At 10:30 I though I had her sound asleep so I laid her down in her pack-n-play in our bedroom. Of course as soon as I laid her down - WIDE AWAKE....AHHHHH. So frustrating! But she wasn't screaming (oddly) so I left her there and got ready for bed. As I was laying in bed watching some TV - I heard noises (other than her normal grunting) coming from the bed. I got up and this is what I saw....

Yes - that is Emma who found her pacifier that I left in her mouth - She has the part she should have in her mouth in her and and is using the handle as a rattle. I was the funniest thing to me at that time (I was really tired!)!

Oh yeah- it was really warm here yesterday and you can see how Emma takes after her daddy - can't keep her covered up for anything! Here's a picture of her morning nap today after kicking off the covers again!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Emma Update

She looks so happy doesn't shee! We're still battling colic each night and once in a while in the afternoon. At night, I have a very hard time getting her to lay down by herself (although during the day she's just fine) and when I do get her down, she's up after an hour or so...I'm missing the sleep I had before she started the colic! Saturday night I got up every hour or two with her all night long. Sunday night I was too after doing this several times, finally at 3:30 I laid her on my chest and then she slept on me until 7 AM. She got great sleep - I got sleep (not the best but it was sleep!). Not sure how we're going to keep this up especially with Zach so busy and gone - so hopefully she'll get back to normal soon!

We still have colic, but are a very happy baby during the day so it's hard to complain too much! Here's some pics of Emma since I haven't posted many lately. She got a new front carier that she seems to like okay. I wanted to get this one so she could see out and it works perfect. We'll be getting good use out of it this month with Derbyfestival going on.

Emma's onsie says "Daddy says I'm Beautiful" and of course he does! You can kind of see the rash on her face. Poor Girl! On Sunday it looked horrible - but this morning it's looking like maybe it's getting better.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where is my Child???

I know where she physically is because she keeps crying...but where is my sweet child Emma? Yes - the colic is still here. Yesterday I was so excited because we had gone almost 2 full days without the screaming cries, but I spoke too soon. It all started back up again last night around dinner time. We spend from about 6:30 or so until after 11 Crying and Screaming and Eating. All I can do is keep feeding and rocking her...but nothing really works. Just when you think she's asleep and you can lay her down - she wakes up screaming again. So frustrating!!! The doctor said to swaddle her and feed her and lay her down - but she HATES being swaddled. It keeps her awake fighting to get her arms out - which she always finds a way to do even when I use the velcro swaddle blanket. I'm not even sure how she's getting them out I've got her wrapped so tight.

So no new pics this week yet. Maybe I'll take one of her next screaming match so everyone can see just how sad it is...Breaks my heart each night! If anyone has a good suggestion for what to do that isn't on the web...Please let me know! We've tried just about everything! And pray for my sanity because it's single mom time here at home - Zach's crazy seasons are all begining so he'll be gone almost every day and night from now until this fall. Wish us luck!!!