Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chase Turns 4!!!

Little Man turned 4 this week! 
He took ice cream and cupcakes to school to share with his new Pre-K friends and then after school we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese's for a little family birthday celebration.  (For all my Louisville mom friends...Chuck-E-Cheese's is 2 stories tall here and is huge...doesn't that sound like fun moms!!!)
We had a GREAT birthday with Chase - but we really missed Papa Randy and Grandma Donna (and all our other family too of course).  This is the first birthday that they haven't been with us for Chase - including when they suprised us by showing up at the hospital the day he was born!  We sure hope they visit soon! (wink!wink!)

I love this guy and I'm so glad he could come with us.  He is so busy at
work but he took the night off and we had a great family night!

If it weren't for the camera timer - we'd Never have a family picture!
We're getting pretty good at it though!

Trying out his new scooter!
He was so excited to get TMNT sheets!  And I think it's too funny that
the kids are so into a show that I LOVED as a kid! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Pre-K and Kindergarten!

Both my babies (who are just not babies anymore) started school last week.  They were both so excited!!  We found a great Pre-K program for Chase and Emma is going to Kindergarten just down the street at a wonderful school.  We actually can walk to Emma's school through our neighborhood so we've really been enjoying our walks twice a day!  Both of them walked right in on their first day like it was no big deal at all - which made me so happy! 

Chase goes 3 full days a week and Emma goes every morning.  So the schedule is not the best for me, but we're making it work for right now.  They both miss all their friends and school back home, but it's been fun watching them meet new kids again.  It's sad to say - but we're all really glad summer is over!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Sand Park

The kids have a new favorite neighborhood park.  It's a sand park, so they play in the sand more than they actually play on the playground equipment.  It is beautiful up here!  It's up in the hills with open space behind it and there are benches for me to relax!   Today the kids were chefs.  They hid under the playground and Chase baked cakes while Emma whipped up Ravioli soup.  They have the best imaginations!  Although Chase informed me that my request for 14 cakes was "Way too many!"...but he could make me 2!  They make me smile when they play...

And now i thought I'd share another photo of my house... I must have a really good imagination too!  You can see this house from the is huge!  I'd hate to own the tiny house next to it (which is probably well over 3000sq ft itself). 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Identity confusion...

It's hard not to feel a little identity confusion when you receive your Neiman Marcus thebook and the Pennysaver in the mailbox on the same day.  Such a tough decision!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A New Season Begins

Can you guess who we are cheering for this year?  (And no we didn't just change because they are Champs!). It's nice to be back in a city with an NFL team...and a winning one at that!  (Last night was just doesn't count!). We are all geared up and ready for some football!

Even Barbie is ready for the season!  Yes...we are serious around here!

The Wedding Trip...Part 1

While Emma and I hung out and watched movies on the plane...
Chase did this...
Those were the best two flights of my life...too bad they were only 45 minutes each! The kid couldn't have done me a solid and napped on the other 2 flights that were 4hours each?  

We flew home for our very favorite sitter/2nd mother to my kids wedding.  More on that to come!  And just a heads up...little sleeping man looks pretty good in a tux!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A little art time!

We did a little art project today.  We have done this a few times this summer and it is one project that holds the kids interest for the longest time and they ask to do it again over and over.  It is cheap, doesn't make a huge mess and I usually have everything we need to do it at any time.  

All you need is food coloring, medicine droppers, coffee filters, a sheet pan and a towel.  Lay a towel (not your favorite because the food coloring could stain) on the sheet pan. This will catch any spills and water that seeps through.  Fill just a little water in some cups and add food coloring (I did about 10 drops).  Then let the kids put drops of the colored water on the filters.  That's it!  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday Morning...

This is what we are up to on this lazy Saturday morning....should keep them busy for about 15 minutes!  Ha!