Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Luck!

Well - No Luck! She didn't turn. We got in to the hospital a little after 10 and after getting hooked up to monitors and IV's, they watched baby and me for about an hour before the doctors came in. Dr. Miller and Dr. Johnson both worked for about 15 or so minutes to turn her - She actaully was moving just fine until they would get her almost head down and then NOTHING. She just would not budge any further. The doctors feel it might be due to the funny shape of my uterus.
Thank goodness for some drugs - I got to sleep after they were done which helped a lot. I'm very sore and will probably be quite bruised. But mostly we were all just hungary. It was almost 4 PM before we got to leave and eat since baby and I were so groggy from the medicine.
So Now - we'll be seeing the Dr again on Tuesday and will schedule this little booger head to come out via c-section sometime the week of the 11th! We'll let you know when!
Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers! Keep them coming!

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