Monday, June 29, 2009

A few more 1st's...

So in the past weeks we've had a few more 1st's.

Cheesy Grin at the Drive-In

Emma had her 1st night at the drive in last Thursday night. It was a beautiful night and Zach had taken the day off so we spent the day swimming with Jack and Peter and then headed to the drive-in. Unfortunately the closest one is in Indiana - but it's only about 40 minutes away. So we left right about bedtime for Emma - hoping she would actually fall asleep on the car ride and snooze through the movie...No Such Luck!!! She was too excited to be going somewhere I guess. But she was really good the whole night. She fought sleep and stayed awake for all of the new Transformers movie. We left around 12:30 am after the movie (too late to stay for the 2nd movie) and Emma instantly fell asleep on the ride home.

Nice spot for a tree right?

Another 1st in the last few weeks - we had a tree fall on our house...well, it was really a little more than 1/2 a tree...but none the was still on our house. Emma had to miss swimming for a few days because, as you can see, it fell on her pool. Our neighbors cut and pulled it off the house and deck and we spent a few hours on Father's day cutting and bundling branches to get it out of the back yard. Hard work - but the tree is gone and no real damage was done.

No Swimming this week I guess...

We're taking it easy this week and enjoying Zach being home at night. He has a 2 game homestand starting on Thursday - and then just a few events between now and the 10th. On the 10th startes a LONG July schedule with 19 games in like 25 days or we're getting all our daddy love we can before then!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am exhausted. Yesterday Yesterday it was 95 degrees in Louisville and Emma and I went swimming with Naomi and Jack (thanks for inviting us guys - we'll swim ANYTIME!). Today, again, it was 95 degrees and Emma and I went to the Pride Festival with our friend Kelly. Now - we didn't do much else either day...but I'm EXHAUSTED! I guess the heat is just too much for this big belly of mine! But we had so much fun swimming and had a good time at the festival - so I can't complain. But I think tomorrow we'll maybe play indoors with Daddy for Father's day!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! We Love You!

And we can't forget to tell our Grandpas how much we love them too!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Emma's 1st Camping Trip!

We were so excited to take Emma on her 1st camping trip. We went for a weekend to Taylorsville Lake, which is about 20 - 30 minutes away from our house. Here are some pictures from our trip!

We picked up a lot of sticks and ate a lot of dirt! She was filthy the whole time and Loved it!

Fire Safety!

Playing bubbles with Daddy

Roasting Marshmallows with Daddy

Notice that Emma is roasting her own marshmallow...Pretty big girl! (Of course - we couldn't eat it when she was done - but we figured Grandpa Randy would be so proud of her anyway!)

Good Morning!

More Corn - this kid's corn on the cob Crazy!!! She cried when it was gone so we had to give her another...and this was after steak and potatoes!

It's hard work camping - time to head home!

More Visitors = More Fun!

About a week after Aunt Al left - Aunt Carrie arrived! Carrie came to help me out with my garage sale that weekend, but we made some time to have fun too! Carrie was a wonderful sister and babysat Emma so Zach and I could go out for our Anniversary. Zach took me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse here in Louisville and we had a Great dinner and a wonderful night out with just the two of us! When we got home - Emma was alseep in her big girl bed and Aunt Carrie was even cleaning! Although - sounds like bath time got a little'll have to ask Carrie what happened the next time you see her!

Happy Anniversary Zach! I Love you!

Update on the big girl bed...after spending 2 weeks or so sleeping in our big girl bed - we've gone back to the crib. While Emma loves being in her bed, she was not sleeping soundly through the night and was having difficulty going back to sleep at night even when you would sit next to her bed. So after too many sleepless nights for mom - we've gone back to our crib. We tried to make the transition a little early to see if we could have it done by the time the baby was here -but right now it's just better for all of us for her to be back in the crib. We'll probaby try again in a few months. She still loves to be in her toddler bed so we've just left it in her room for her to play in. I think part of our problems sleeping were because of the chaos in our household while trying to make the transition. We've got Daddy working crazy hours - here one day and not the next, we're working on 3 more molars and boy that looks like it hurts, trips home to KC and Iowa and many visitors in the past few weeks. So that's a lot going on for a little one! We'll try again - but I'm happy with the fact that she likes her bed and I know it will be fine the next time we try!

Back to Carrie's trip - we also found time for a trip to the zoo. Aunt Carrie played in the splash park with Emma and even took her in the big kids area - which Emma Loved!

This kid has no fear of water and Loves the spalsh park!

The garage sale was a success - we aren't millionaires, but we did get rid of a lot of stuff that we didn't need anymore. And that to me is a big success! If I only could have 1 more this fall - but the thought of having a baby in August and garage sale in September is enough to make me sick! So I guess I'll have to be happy with only 1!

We also took in a ballgame at Slugger.

Thanks Aunt Carrie for babysitting and for helping with the garage sale! We couldn't have done it without you!
Emma tried to go with Aunt Carrie - but she didn't fit in the suitcase. Maybe next time!

This has nothing to do with Carrie's visit - but My Kid LOVES Corn on the Cob! Each time we eat it she amazes me more! She now eats all by herself - and she eats the ENTIRE thing! BY HER SELF! You'll see more corn pictures in the next post about our camping trip!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our 1st Pool

Yes - the pool is Open! Okay - so it's a kiddie pool - what do you expect - we're only 1! The pool has been open for quite some time, but I thought I'd share some photos of the 1st day in the pool. This girl has No Fear when it comes to water. She's crazy!
Checking it out...
Getting it all figured out...
(I know - sad excuse for toys - they've since gotten better!)

Success!!! Look at that Cheesy grin!

Also, we wanted to Thank Aunt Al for driving back to Louisville with us after our trip home. She made the 11 drive with me and Emma and then stayed for a few days. We had a good time - even caught a ballgame. After Al, we had a week to ourselves before Aunt Carrie arrived to help out with our garage sale. More on her visit next post!

Thanks Aunt Al - and CONGRATS!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trip to Iowa

After our Kansas City visit, Zach flew home and Emma and I drove to Iowa to spend some time with my family. While we were there we had lots of time to play outside, plant beans with Grandpa, work in the garden with Grandma and have lots of fun getting into all Grandma's stuff!

Aunt Al and Uncle Drew came to play and so did Aunt Carrie and Josh. Emma had a Great time with the boys and loved playing in Josh's water and ice cups! We even got to go to Aubrey's wedding and Emma had a Ball dancing with the other kids!

Emma got to put her footprints in concrete which Grandpa Knute poured for a new grain bin. Now Grandpa's got to plan for 2 more bins in the next year with the 2 little ones on the way this year! Better get to work Grandpa! Hehe...

Planting with Grandpa!

Playing on the deck with Grandpa

This is the site of the new pond...uh..lake...better known as Grandpa's latest project! We can't wait to see water! Hopefully in the next few years you'll be seeing pictures of our family fishing, camping and paddling around on a lake in this very spot and then this picture will make more sense! But now - it's a field...Again - Get to work Grandpa!!! Boy is he going to be busy this year!

Emma, Aunt Al and I drove the long drive back to Louisville on Sunday. Emma was Wonderful! She slept a ton (because Grandpa kept her up late the night before we left playing!). And when she wasn't sleeping she watched a few movies and had fun dancing to the music. We turned her carseat around for the trip home and she Loved being able to see us. I've still got her rear facing in my car because she's still not even reached 20 lbs yet! Someday soon we'll probably get a new carseat and turn around in mine too - but no rush! We're growing up too quick these days!

More pictures to come of Al's visit and Emma's new pool!!!