Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2nd Week at Home!

How Cute am I???

So far our 2nd week is going well. I'm feeling better everyday, Friday is getting more used to Emma, and Emma sleeps all the time so she seems happy here at home! We're still trying to figure out night versus day I think - seems like I see more eyes at night than I ever do during daytime - but that's okay. Even when you're exhausted - you look into those eyes and your heart can't help but melt! She's too cute.

So here's some more photos. We're stuck inside since I can't drive and the weather is cold and flu season hasn't ended yet. Hopefully we'll be out and about more in the next few weeks! If you haven't been over - stop by and see us! Even if you have - Stop by and see us!
We Love Visitors!!!

Grandma Debi is here this week - but we've slept through most of her visit so far! Tomorrow we go to the doctor again to weigh - and hopefully we're gaining weight!!! Cross your fingers for us!!!

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Mira said...

Yeah well, I didn't have 13 hours of labor last time I had TWENTY SEVEN.