Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Card Time

So each year I try to get some good (I settle for just shots) shots of the kids and of us as a family for Christmas cards. Each year I'm getting to this later and later - but in case you didn't get a card (Sorry) - here's some of the photos from this years shoot!

And after the Christmas Card Shoot - we sent Chase over to wardrobe to change for another shoot!

When Chase was born, Grandma Debi brought down an outfit that used to be Zach's. It's been sitting in the closet and I kept meaning to put Chase in it and take a picture. I decided it was time since it was nearly too small!

So here it is - Blue polyester bellbottomish pants, polyester vest and a blue and white checkered shirt...Isn't he Cute! And Zach's dad said he went home and compared these pictures to one's of Zach when he was this age...they look JUST alike.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanksgiving - and Many Reasons to be Thankful!

My family came to visit for Thanksgiving this year - just like when we first moved to Louisville. It was really nice to have Everyone here for the holiday. While they were here - we celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and cousin Tyler's birthday. We packed a lot in to their trip - even a stop to the Yum!Center for a UofL game.

Here's some photos of just a few reasons we have to be thankful this year!

The Whole Fam!

How Cute is this Face!! - Happy Late Birthday Tyler!

"Here - let us help you with that Ty!"

Uncle Drew and Ty

The Happy Couple...they're giving me a reason to head to Mexico again this summer! And for that - I'm Most Thankful!

Santa made an early appearance on the deck...he went home with Grandma Nesie and Papa Knute - but on Christmas morning when we said Santa had visited us - Chase still ran to the sliding door to see if he was still on the deck!

Checking out the photos - Em got a new camera for Christmas - she LOVES it!

And mama loves that she's not carrying mine around anymore!

A big hit this year was our Pillow Pets from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Josh - everyone got a big and a little one!

I love this silly boy - and the big guy too!

What a crew!

As I said before - we have much to be thankful for this year and we've been Very blessed...note all those gifts. Spoiled and blessed!

Daddy and Em

And one last one of the boys drinking a "smoozie" as Chase calls them.

We're Thankful for All our Family who has been able to Visit us this Holiday Season! We miss you All Already!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1 Year and Still Employed!

October 11th marked the 1 Year Anniversary for the Yum!Center being open. What a HUGE accomplishment for my Hubby! So we all went out to celebrate!

Just a few photos of the peeps that came along on the ride for the last year - Good work everyone and Congratulations on making it throught the 1st year of the arena!

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's Halloween - a little late...

Oh My - I've been a BAD Blogger! Here's some Halloween fun for you!

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Friends

Now that the kids are getting a little older - they really are becoming best friends. It's fun to watch them plan and interact and even SHARE with each other!

And you can't just have one Bestie - you Must have 2!
We're so lucky to have Collin!!!

(They were watching Rio and I thought these pics were so cute in sequence)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice was at the Yum!Center last week so of course we had to go! Sometimes there really are good perks to having a husband who works a LOT!

To say that Emma liked it is a Complete Understatement! She LOVED it. And Chase really enjoyed it too! We had a suite so the kids had a little more freedom to play so that was nice too.

(I'm a bad mom - these are the only pics I have...oh well - anyone suprised! :) )

Look at the sheer excitement on her face - she was like that all night!

Nothing like making your staff watch and feed your kids when they're in your building!
Sorry Art and Keith!

Little man loving the show!

It was a magical night for Emma for sure and I know one she'll remember for a while. I love watching the kids make memories!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photos by Emma

Emma has been taking Lots of photos lately. She's actually really good most of the time. So I think we know what a certain jolly man should bring her for Christmas this year!
Check out some of her ART below...


"Yo Emma"
"Just A Boy"

"Shh...Daddy's Working"

Here's a few from the 15K that Zach ran last weekend - and BTW - He Did AWESOME!!! Ran over 9 miles in about an hour and 4 minutes!!! We went to cheer him on at the finish and here's a few shots from Emma's view...


(Look at how centered and focused this one is - cracks me up what she decides to take photos of...and no - we don't know any of those runners - just a random shot of the refreshments table!)

"Froot Loops"

She has a ton more - but I thought it was time I finally showcased some of her talent!