Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sick Emma!

Sorry no posts this week - Emma has been sick! It all started last Friday. Monday was the worst day - we cried uncontrollably all day long and just wanted to rock with mommy. Each day had gotten a little better. We saw Dr. Joe on Wednesday and he said she had a little virus. On top of the virus - we have a touch of colic I think. We saw the doctor again on Saturday because we still have a low fever in the evenings. Last night was the best night (as far as colic goes) since last Friday so I'm hoping we're turning the corner. I'm also hoping the colic will disappear as she starts to feel better. We've already had a better morning than most!

This week Emma found the little animals that spin around on the top of her swing. She follows mommy's voice almost everywhere too! She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz on Saturday at the doctor- She's getting SOOO big!!! We sure do miss all our Grandmas and Grandpas though!!! And she can't wait to meet Aunt Al and Uncle Drew!!!

More pictures this week I promise - It's been hard to get much done plus she's not been up to photos most of the week!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

1st Easter!


Emma went to her very 1st Easter Sunday service at Christ Lutheran Church in Louisville today! It's pretty chilly here so we had to bundle up - but she wore cute tights with ruffles on her butt and the pink polka-dot dress that Danette bought for her. She was the cutest girl in church!

Emma Playing with Daddy after Church!

Grandma Donna, Grandpa Randy and Aunt Grace left yesterday - Emma had fun while they visited though! She slept a lot on Grandpa Randy - he must have the perfect sleeping tummy! Here's some pics from their visit! They bought Emma her very 1st ball glove so we can play when we go camping!

Aunt Grace and Emma

Grandpa Randy and Emma

Grandma Donna feeding Emma her 1st bottle while mom got a much needed haircut!

Emma and her 1st ball glove!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sick Baby!

Emma had a little bit of a rough day yesterday. She had a tummy ache most of the afternoon and all evening. By bed time we just couldn't be soothed and so we took a bath - which she loves - and still had a little temp. I finally got her to sleep around midnight and then she slept for a good 5 + hours. She woke up this morning a happier Emma and ate and went back to sleep!
Grandma Donna, Grandpa Randy and Aunt Grace are here visiting still so I have more pictures to post but it will have to be tomorrow. We're taking Emma down to visit daddy at Slugger today - he has an open house and they're doing free hot dogs, soda and popcorn! Anyone want to join us for lunch - I'll buy - ha ha!
Emma is going to her 1st Easter Sunday church service tomorrow. The weather is going to be cold here - but I'll still get some pics of her in her dress and tights to post! Hope everyone has a Great Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aunt Carrie's Visit

Aunt Carrie is here to visit! She got her on Sunday night and is staying until Thursday. So far Emma has gone on a few shopping trips - it's what Aunt Carrie and Val do best!

On Emma's 1st trip to Indiana - we had a blow-out on the highway. It took 2 hours to get it fixed (I don't change tires - so we had to wait on the toothless tow truck driver). Then we needed to put a littel air in the spare tire, so we headed to the gas station at the exit. We couldn't get it to air up at all. Zach felt so bad that he wasn't there that he showed up to help us even though I had told him there was no need (What a great husband and daddy). When he got there we were getting ready to head to the only place at that exit which was a semi service station. Thank goodness they felt bad for us and took a look at the tire while I took Emma to the dirty lounge to change her! They fixed the stem of the tire for us in about 5 mintues and didn't even charge us! They were wonderful. Then we finally made it (after 5 hours for a trip that should have taken an hour) to the outlet malls and Emma did great. Eating in two differnt dressing rooms and sleeping most of the rest of the time. She even slept through getting the tire changed.

Here's some photos of Aunt Carrie and Emma and a cute one of Emma smiling at her daddy!

Aunt Carrie even let Emma cuddle up in her "Blankie"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

1 Month Old!

Emma was one month old on the 14th!!!
Here's some pics of her. On the 14th she had her 1 month visit at the doctor's office.
She was 6 lbs 15 oz...poor girl needs to gain some weight! She was 20 inches long.
She also got a shot that day so we were a little fussy that evening and the next day -
but we're all smiles now!
PS - Thanks to the Geringer's for Emma's Blanket - it's beautiful! And Thanks Danette for her dress!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Emma and her blankets!

Just wanted to take a few pics of Emma with her blankets...

Emma's Great Grandma Pete gave her this blanket. She looks so tiny next to it - but I think it's just the way I have her sitting!

This blanket was made for her by her Grandma Donna!

We can't wait for both great grandma Pete and grandma Donna to meet Emma - but in the mean time - she's enjoying her blankets!!!

And these pics are on here just because she is too cute!

More pics tomorrow - it's her 1 Month Birthday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Look at my Belly Button!

So we can finally see Emma's Belly Button! It's cute! The rest of the cord finally fell off today - but I have NO idea where. It fell off sometime between breakfast and lunch and really all she did was sleep - but I can't find it in her blankets or diaper or anything. I'll keep looking though or some guest is going to get a suprise!

(You can also see her birth mark on her chest in this pic)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Days!

Okay - so it snows once - Maybe twice a year here in Louisville. But this year we actually have snow that is sticking to the ground. We got about a foot of snow overnight on Friday night and Saturday morning. Zach had to shovel the driveway - which he secretly loved I know! And of course, his driveway looked the best in the entire neighborhood!

Zach even had to shovel Friday a path on the deck so she could get to the backyard later in the day because the snow was almost above her body! It was pretty cute to see her try to get through it all!

Of course - a pic of Emma! I can't post without a picture of her!!! Her daddy sure does love her!!! Unfortunatley, Emma and I are on our own this week. Zach is Super busy with Centerplate's National Meeting this week and is even staying in hotel downtown Monday and Tuesday nights. Emma and I are going to miss him - but hopefully mommy will get a lot done while he's gone and Emma will be a good little sleeper at night (prayers for me please!)! She has been doing GREAT at nigth - Sleeping almost 6 hours straight on Thursday night and sleeping for almost 4 hours stretches a few other nights. I have been SOO glad to get some sleep - but I actully find myself waking up when I think she should be up (every 2 - 3 hours) wondering if she's still sleeping! I'm working on sleeping through it like she is!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Almost 3 weeks old!

So Emma's almost 3 weeks old - and we've got our nights and days a little messed up! Last night I'm pretty sure we didn't get more than an hour of sleep...but we're sleeping great today! Which means I'm in for another long night! Oh well, we'll get it figured out eventually!

Other than that - Emma is doing great. We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to weigh again and hopefully she'll be back to her birth weight of 6lbs 11oz or more! Cross your fingers for us.

Zach is back to work and getting busier by the day. He has all the GM's and higher - ups in town next week for their National meeting so he's going to be very busy with that and then next up is Derby Festival and the opening of Slugger field. Emma and I went down to Slugger and met him for lunch in his office yesterday. We also went by Emma's new daycare to get some paperwork filled out. All the girls thought she was soo cute and wanted her to start now...I told them no way! I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave her all day when I go back to work.

Okay - have to go make meatballs for spaghetti tonight and maybe sneak in a nap since Emma is napping. We're having Glenn over for dinner - and we get to eat at our new table - We LOVE it!!!