Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Almost 3 weeks old!

So Emma's almost 3 weeks old - and we've got our nights and days a little messed up! Last night I'm pretty sure we didn't get more than an hour of sleep...but we're sleeping great today! Which means I'm in for another long night! Oh well, we'll get it figured out eventually!

Other than that - Emma is doing great. We go back to the doctor tomorrow morning to weigh again and hopefully she'll be back to her birth weight of 6lbs 11oz or more! Cross your fingers for us.

Zach is back to work and getting busier by the day. He has all the GM's and higher - ups in town next week for their National meeting so he's going to be very busy with that and then next up is Derby Festival and the opening of Slugger field. Emma and I went down to Slugger and met him for lunch in his office yesterday. We also went by Emma's new daycare to get some paperwork filled out. All the girls thought she was soo cute and wanted her to start now...I told them no way! I can't imagine how hard it will be to leave her all day when I go back to work.

Okay - have to go make meatballs for spaghetti tonight and maybe sneak in a nap since Emma is napping. We're having Glenn over for dinner - and we get to eat at our new table - We LOVE it!!!

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