Friday, July 26, 2013

The House Tour - Part One

Welcome to our Home!

It's been a month and a half (or so) since we moved and we're finally getting settled.  I thought I would start to share some pictures of our new home.  Every day we change something or moving something around as we are getting comfortable.
(We've already switched out the plain cream colored pillows on the couch for some brighter ones and I'm looking for what we're going to put on the small end I said - things are changing every day!)
The mantle is a work in will definitely be changing once I find what I'm looking for...but I like it okay for now.

The kitchen and living room are in the same space and it's where we spend the
majority of our time. 


This is our TEENY TINY oven (notice it's the same size as the microwave above it! ha).  It's one detail we didn't notice when we first looked at the house.  And for the most part - it's not a big deal.  But for my hubby who Loves to make a MAJOR Thanksgiving dinner - Big Problem!  It's almost comical how small it is.  To give you an example of just how small it is...I had to take back some cookie sheets I bought when we first moved here because the biggest one was TOO Big to fit!  We're talking standard three piece set of cookie sheets people! 

It really is fine on for daily cooking - but we are definitely going to have to get creative for Thanksgiving!  Anyone want to invite us over to their gourmet kitchen so Zach can cook Thanksgiving?

Most of our meals are cooked outside in this beautiful space anyway!
(Sorry - this pic is missing our patio furniture and grill - it was taken before we actually moved.)
We spend a lot of time in the evenings out here...which is so nice since when we would try to do that in Louisville we would be dripping with sweat (sorry for that mental image).  Even on our hotter days here, by dinner time it's cooled off enough to sit outside very comfortably.  And usually right after dinner - it gets almost chilly.  Many nights we'll grab a jacket if we're eating a little late.  So different from what we were used to in Kentucky!

And the view...AHHH the view!  This is what makes Zach's long drive home in traffic each night worth it.  It's what makes a long day at home with the kids a little better...especially when you can picture the amazing beaches that are just a little past those mountains and hills!


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