Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Movies in the Square

Every Friday night in the summer, a neighborhood close to our new house has a Music and Movie Nigh at the Square.  It's a cute little area with a small-town feeling.  There are vendors, snacks,  live music and it all ends with a family friendly movie.  Last week's movie was Despicable Me, so we went to check it all out.  (Lucky for for me and the hubby - it was also Wine Tasting night!  That happens 3-4 times throughout the summer so you can count on us making it to those!)
After walking around to some of the vendors, eating some hot dogs and tasting a little wine, we made it back to our blanket to wait for the movie.  We had some time before the show so we took a few pics!
Fake Sleeping!

We had a great evening and can't wait to head back this Friday!

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