Saturday, August 1, 2009

Congrats Daddy!

Zach ran another race today here in Louisville. This one was a 4 mile race which Zach hoped to run in under 32 minutes. Emma and I had a great time waiting for him at the finish line - and were not suprised at all to see him cross the finish line in just over 27 minutes!!! He came in 21st out of 220 runners - Huge Accomplishment!!! He definately beat his goal! Naomi and Jeff, who both work with Zach, also ran and both beat their goal times as well. Jeff and Zach were both 3rd in their age group and Naomi came in 1st in her age group. Congrats you guys! Here's a few pictures from the morning!

Emma waiting for Daddy at the Finish Line!

Here He Comes!

Ahh - what a great race!

Zach, Naomi and Jeff

Zach and Emma after the race

Zach was 3rd in his age group! Congrats Daddy!!!
We also wanted to say Congrats to our friend Hillary who completed her 1st Triathlon today and did GREAT! Congrats you ambitious people! We're so proud of all of you - but I think I'll stick to watching until after little buckaroo makes his entrance into the world. I'm pretty sure I couldn't even walk 4 miles today - I'm Exhausted!

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Vincent Family said...

Tell Zach congrats! What an accomplishment. I would love to do a triathlon someday.