Friday, July 31, 2009

100th Post Thoughts

What a face!

So as I started to blog today I noticed that this will be the 100th Post on this blog. So happy anniversary I guess right! I have been having lots of random thoughts lately - so I'll just use this as an excuse to talk about a few of them.

My first thought is about how big my little baby Emma has gotten. She's 17 1/2 months old going on 30...okay maybe 20. Either way - she's not a baby anymore. Yesterday, I was sitting in the rocking chair in our loft and she crawled up on to the couch, sat down with her pillows pulled in next to her and started watching TV...She thought she was such a big girl. (And I guess that goes to show you that her mom should watch a little less TV huh!) She has grown up in every way. Last night I even put her to sleep in her toddler bed - Yes - we're back in our toddler bed and doing GREAT! We wake up once in a while, but usually go right back to bed. It took me realizing that I didn't need to ease her into it by staying in her room with her for it to click with her. One day I just dropped her in her bed after our regular night time routine and said goodnight and walked out the door - just like I would have done in her crib. She cried for less than 5 minutes at the door before running back to bed and falling alseep. Each night was less and less crying until last night - NO Crying At ALL! What a big girl!!!

Now since we're talking about bed - my next thought is about Emma sleeping after the new baby arrives. My child dosen't sleep through any noises anymore. Months ago - you could vacuum in her room while she was sleeping and it wouldn't even phase her. Now - you can hardly even open the door to see if she's alive without her waking up. The past week we've had Collin in the afternoons and when he cries (softly and downstairs) she wakes up instantly. So how in the world is she going to deal with a crying infant all night. I know we'll all adjust - but boy - I think we're in for some long nights awake with both our kids in stead of just the hungary newborn. Any advice from moms of kids close in age is very welcome advice!!!

Emma painting her room with a little help from Daddy!

My 3rd thought for the day - As crazy as it sounds, I've NEVER spent the night away from my baby. Yes, in 17 months I have been with her each and every night. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the nights that I haven't been here when she's fallen asleep. I never thought I would be that mom - and actually - I'd love not to be, but when you live far away from friends and family - that's just what happens. So August 27th - the day we have our 2nd child - will be the 1st time I sleep away from Emma. I'm almost more nervous about this than I am about having #2. Sounds silly - but how will she do without us for those 4 nights. Okay - it's my very easy going, no fears, go with the flo Emma - she'll be fine. And she'll have great company - Thanks again Barb and Renee - you're the BEST! It really is me that will have the hard time! Who would have ever guessed huh!

And a last thought - I am so lucky to have such a wonderful mom and grandma. Weeks ago, Zach and I found a baby blanket that we liked the design. So we decided that we would pick out some fabric and make one for our little buckaroo because we weren't finding bedding that we liked in the stores. My mom and grandma of course were the 1st call because you all know that I was not going to make it! They said sure - but probably would have said "no way" had they known what fabrics I had chosen! Sorry Grandma! This is the final product!!! We LOVE it! It's perfect for the bed and has a ton of different colors in it. Mom even made me a dust ruffle for the crib as well. This is just one example of the millions of things they do for us and why we can't ever say enough - "Thanks and we Love you!"

Buckaroo's new bedding - and the pictures don't do it justice at all!

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Vincent Family said...

That picture is so funny! And I love the bedding. Isn't it better knowing that it is homemade?!