Saturday, August 1, 2009

Adventures with Collin

Emma's boyfriend, Collin, spent the afternoons with us last week. We had so much fun! Emma really did well with him here...although she still doesn't get "gentle" or that Collin can't eat fruit loops and things like that. Collin can't crawl yet so we really worked hard on trying to show him how! Emma loves to mimic Collin - as you can see in the video - and also was quite the mother and helper. She would run right to him if he cried to give him a hug and would wipe his mouth with his bib if she saw him drool.

Title: No babies were hurt in the filming of this video...

Collin trying to crawl...he's so close!

Between keeping Emma from throwing toys at Colling (which - hey - we're sharing so I can't be too mad right!) and keeping her from jumping right on him (sorry Collin - but if you'd just crawl you'd have a fighting chance!) it was quite the week!

We'll keep you anytime Collin! Can't wait for your next visit!

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Vincent Family said...

She is going to be a very good big sister!