Monday, August 10, 2009


Emma and Jack at the pool!

This summer we've been so lucky to be able to swim with our friends Jack, Peter and Naomi! Emma has always loved bath time - and she loves the pool too! I'm so glad because I could live in the water I think! I'm really bad about getting photos of her swimming though because I'm always in the pool with her - so here are a few of her lounging around with Jack poolside.

Emma taking a break from the water

Jack and Emma eating Bananas!

Still eating - and Jack's modeling Emma's life jacket!

We swam twice in 2 days this weekend and it was GREAT! Emma got to try out her new life jacket that Grandma Denise brought down on thier last trip. She LOVES it. She hasn't mastered staying upright in it alone yet - but can kick her legs and move her arms if you just barely hold onto the back of it and she can swim around. She Loves to splash and play "chase" with Jack in the pool and she even likes being dunked under water and blowing bubbles. She's a natural! I'll try to get some action shots of her in the pool later this week when we go again.

On a sad note - Zach left today for KC to help open the Chiefs stadium. He'll be gone until next Sunday night. We're not excited to spend the week alone, but have lots of things to do this week to get ready for baby! I have another doctor appointment on Tuesday so more updating then!

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