Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where is my Child???

I know where she physically is because she keeps crying...but where is my sweet child Emma? Yes - the colic is still here. Yesterday I was so excited because we had gone almost 2 full days without the screaming cries, but I spoke too soon. It all started back up again last night around dinner time. We spend from about 6:30 or so until after 11 Crying and Screaming and Eating. All I can do is keep feeding and rocking her...but nothing really works. Just when you think she's asleep and you can lay her down - she wakes up screaming again. So frustrating!!! The doctor said to swaddle her and feed her and lay her down - but she HATES being swaddled. It keeps her awake fighting to get her arms out - which she always finds a way to do even when I use the velcro swaddle blanket. I'm not even sure how she's getting them out I've got her wrapped so tight.

So no new pics this week yet. Maybe I'll take one of her next screaming match so everyone can see just how sad it is...Breaks my heart each night! If anyone has a good suggestion for what to do that isn't on the web...Please let me know! We've tried just about everything! And pray for my sanity because it's single mom time here at home - Zach's crazy seasons are all begining so he'll be gone almost every day and night from now until this fall. Wish us luck!!!

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