Friday, April 18, 2008


Emma (and Zach and I) have officially been through our 1st Earthquake! The 1st was at 5:40 am this morning - but NONE of us woke up! I guess it shook the houses pretty good! We're all so tired - nothing wakes us! But then at 11:15 - Emma and I were rocking in the loft and I felt us shake - and then the lamp was shaking and I though the wall was going to fall off the house. I looked outside thinking maybe it was REALLY windy...No wind! Then the news confirmed another quake! Crazy huh!
On another note - Emma had her ultrasound yesterday on her hip but we haven't heard any results yet. We're not really worried about it - I'm sure it's fine. (For those who we haven't talked to - Dr Wallace wanted us to have the ultrasound done because her hips are still really loose and she can hear a slight click in the left hip. When Emma lays on her back and pulls her legs up like frog legs her legs still lay flat on the table...which most babies her age do not do anymore I guess...I think it's cute and she's just really flexible!) So we'll post more when we get an update...either later today or next week!

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