Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sick Emma!

Sorry no posts this week - Emma has been sick! It all started last Friday. Monday was the worst day - we cried uncontrollably all day long and just wanted to rock with mommy. Each day had gotten a little better. We saw Dr. Joe on Wednesday and he said she had a little virus. On top of the virus - we have a touch of colic I think. We saw the doctor again on Saturday because we still have a low fever in the evenings. Last night was the best night (as far as colic goes) since last Friday so I'm hoping we're turning the corner. I'm also hoping the colic will disappear as she starts to feel better. We've already had a better morning than most!

This week Emma found the little animals that spin around on the top of her swing. She follows mommy's voice almost everywhere too! She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz on Saturday at the doctor- She's getting SOOO big!!! We sure do miss all our Grandmas and Grandpas though!!! And she can't wait to meet Aunt Al and Uncle Drew!!!

More pictures this week I promise - It's been hard to get much done plus she's not been up to photos most of the week!

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