Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun with Daddy!

Now that Zach's working a TON - I wanted to post a few pics of Emma playing with Daddy on one of his few nights at home! And we also heard yesterday that Emma's hips are fine! So good news!

Nothing else new here - just getting ready to go back to work and for Emma to go to daycare. Aunt Allison and Uncle Drew will be here on Saturday and then Tom will be back in on Tuesday. Chow Wagon will be in full swing tomorrow so we'll have pics of Emma down there too. She's been a busy girl lately going to Kyle's ballgames and playing with Nenee (Renee) and Lauren - by the way - THANKS RENEE and Lauren and Kyle for Always Helping out and playing with Emma! You're the Best!!!

Yes - we suck on our hand a lot now - and sometimes we even find our thumb!

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