Monday, April 7, 2008

Emma Update

She looks so happy doesn't shee! We're still battling colic each night and once in a while in the afternoon. At night, I have a very hard time getting her to lay down by herself (although during the day she's just fine) and when I do get her down, she's up after an hour or so...I'm missing the sleep I had before she started the colic! Saturday night I got up every hour or two with her all night long. Sunday night I was too after doing this several times, finally at 3:30 I laid her on my chest and then she slept on me until 7 AM. She got great sleep - I got sleep (not the best but it was sleep!). Not sure how we're going to keep this up especially with Zach so busy and gone - so hopefully she'll get back to normal soon!

We still have colic, but are a very happy baby during the day so it's hard to complain too much! Here's some pics of Emma since I haven't posted many lately. She got a new front carier that she seems to like okay. I wanted to get this one so she could see out and it works perfect. We'll be getting good use out of it this month with Derbyfestival going on.

Emma's onsie says "Daddy says I'm Beautiful" and of course he does! You can kind of see the rash on her face. Poor Girl! On Sunday it looked horrible - but this morning it's looking like maybe it's getting better.

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