Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Rattle

Just when you think you're too tired to laugh - Emma does something new! Last night I fought Emma and her colic againg from about 8 pm until around midnight. At 10:30 I though I had her sound asleep so I laid her down in her pack-n-play in our bedroom. Of course as soon as I laid her down - WIDE AWAKE....AHHHHH. So frustrating! But she wasn't screaming (oddly) so I left her there and got ready for bed. As I was laying in bed watching some TV - I heard noises (other than her normal grunting) coming from the bed. I got up and this is what I saw....

Yes - that is Emma who found her pacifier that I left in her mouth - She has the part she should have in her mouth in her and and is using the handle as a rattle. I was the funniest thing to me at that time (I was really tired!)!

Oh yeah- it was really warm here yesterday and you can see how Emma takes after her daddy - can't keep her covered up for anything! Here's a picture of her morning nap today after kicking off the covers again!

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