Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bad Mommy!

I know - I'm horrible! I haven't posted anything in the last two weeks! We've been SUPER busy and our Internet was down for a while too! But no more excuese. No pics - but here's what's been happening!

"Louisville Grandma" Barb watched Emma while I worked the Derbyfest Marathon (we hand out free beer to the runners and it's tons of fun!) and she was great. Slept the majority of the day away!

Aunt Allison and Uncle Drew came for a visit. We took Emma down to Chow Wagon that Saturday night and walked around there. Then Sunday we all went to a baseball game at Slugger (Emma's 4th game!) and then stopped by to see Daddy - and for ice cream of course! The rest of their visit we SHOPPED! Emma was a trooper and Uncle Drew took her all over the mall while Allison helped me find a Derby Dress, Hat, Jewelry - The Works!

Then we finished up our two weeks of Derbyfest with Zach working everyday from 8 AM until at least 2:30 AM! We missed our DADDY!!! Then it was DERBY Time!!! We had a BALL! Zach won on and off all day and I won $40 on the Derby race! We had a GREAT time and our FABULOUS friend Renee (and Kyle and Lauren) watched Emma all day for us!

Emma's 1st day at Almost Home Infant Daycare was Monday! She Did GREAT!!!!! Took 3 naps and at 3 bottles! She's an eating machine right now! All the girls at daycare lover her - she's the only Little girl they have! So everyone takes their turn holding her and playing! We really like her daycare and I have found it easy to return to work knowing that I LOVE where she is! Reall - work is like a little vacation for me right now - so I'm glad! Hopefully we can continue this way! Although - I'm So looking forward to the weekend so I can have her all day and night!!!

We miss everyone and hope to see all our family soon!!!!!

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