Friday, August 19, 2011

Rewind - 4th of July

So lets just pretend it's the 4th of July and then this post won't seem so late!

We had a great 4th this year. Emma wasn't scared of fireworks - Chase...well - he didn't ruin any of the fun. Let's put it that way!

Grandpa Knute and Grandma Nesie had come into town for a long weekend. We went to the 3rd of July concert on the Waterfront as usual and then spent the 4th at our house with a few of our best friends. I'll let the pictures tell the rest!~

The 3rd of July - Waterfront Park

I'm pretending she's saying "Happy 4th" or "I Love America" - but I'm pretty sure it was just an excited scream (Or her telling me she wasn't leaving the fun water area!)

One great part of Louisville is that there always seems to be something Free down at the Waterfront. At the FREE concert - this was a FREE kids area where they could do water, bouncies and fun crafts and stuff - it's great!

Chase isn't far behind Emma - I have a feeling he'll be beating her some day soon!

This girl LOVED the fireworks - and when the got too loud -
she just snuck down in the stroller and hid a little!

Daddy and Em!

Grandpa Knute, Grandma Nesie and Chase
(who did't love the fireworks so much and was exhausted!)

The 4th of July

Grandma Nesie and Em

Grandma Nesie and Chase - I think she was more excited than him!

Best fireworks ever!


Papa Knute and Em

Hope you had a Great 4th of July!

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Vincent Family said...

Love this!! Once again the fun things/traditions you are starting with your kids are so exciting. They will look back of this holiday and always remember the family fun! And I have to say, that the more fun things you post about that you are able to do because of where you and what your area has to offer REALLY has me wanting to MOVE!!! I am feeling the need to shake things up a bit and you make LV look like so much fun!!