Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 Year Old

Last weekend was Chase's Birthday - he is 2!!!

We had a great long weekend that started on Wednesday evening when Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna got to town. They keep the kids Thursday and Friday while we worked. On Friday we started the weekend with a Bats baseball game...Best time Ever! Both the kids love the ballpark - but Chase was especially interested in Buddy Bat that night. He really wants to go back. Then we had a birthday party on Saturday with a few friends and neighbors. Sadly - this is the best picture of the cake I have. We did a Toy Story theme (Chase chose the plates at the party store and started it all.) So we made "Ham" the pig (well - a pig anyway) for his cake - it was really cute!

We got Chase a Toy Story big wheel for his birthday. He loves it and calls it his bike.

Later that night we finished off our fireworks from 4th of July to end our birthday celebration.

We had a great time with you Grandpa and Grandma! We miss you already!

Emma has started to take photos now - and she does a pretty good job -
just one of captures from the weekend.

Happy Birthday Chase!!!

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Vincent Family said...

He looks like a big boy now! Good job on the cake!