Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements

Our sleeping arrangements have changed again at our house - we no longer have any Babies! No CRIBS. I'm about to cry just typing this...

Anyway - a several weeks ago we put Chase into a toddler bed and it went suprisingly smooth. He loves being able to get in and out of his bed!

So one night - we put them to bed and this is what we found a few hours later...

I love coming in at night and seeing how the finally end up!

And then one night we had dreaded THUNDER. It was actually 2 nights in a row - and by the 2nd night they had figured out that Mom and Dad's bed is a much better place to ride out the storm - so we gave in and let them go to sleep (or start out at least - don't think I didn't throw them in their room once they were fast asleep!) in our bed. We told them - "No talking, do not get out of bed, blah blah blah - Or you have to go back into your own room." Here's how we put them to sleep - and it's EXACTLY how we found them 2 hours later!

Just a quick look at my sleeping babies! Hope you enjoyed!

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Vincent Family said...

Yeah/boo for no cribs! The freedom can be good/bad at times. I worry about the day when Ryder's crib goes away.