Saturday, August 20, 2011

Annual Hensley Camping Trip

I only took a handful of photos on our Annual Camping Trip w Zach's family. We had a good time (read "some of us had a great time, but Chase had an awful time!). The poor little guy just wasn't feeling it! He was hot and fell down about a million times. Maybe next year it will be better!

But Emma had a blast. She had a lot of fun swimming, building rock castles, playing ball and games and bubbles and more. And we got to spend some quality time with Grandma Donna, Papa Randy, Aunt Sharon Uncle Randy and Charles.

One rock castle with "snakes" and even had a sparker to top it off in the end -
she was pretty proud!

Em and Grandma Donna

Em and Papa Randy doing sparklers (sorry campgrounds - sure they're probably against the rules but we didn't start any forest fires!)

When we got home and got everything in - we started the bath water to get all cleaned up...left alone for only seconds and this is what Zach returned to find...

Sure - who needs to take off thier clothes - just jump in!
I think he was excited to get clean!!!

I'll try to be better next year and actually take some pictures!

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