Sunday, June 6, 2010

St. Louis - Day 1

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to St Louis to stay in a cabin on the river and just hang out with Papa Knute, Grandma Denise, Aunt Carrie and Josh and Uncle Drew, Baby Tyler and Aunt Allison. We had big hopes of everything working out just perfect - but as usual - that was not the case. We headed to the cabin on Thursday and got less than a mile away and couldn't get any closer. Missouri had just gotten a ton of rain and the river was up and the roads were FLOODED. It was awful trying to get there in our SUV and we knew there was no way the cars would make it through. So after driving through lots of water over the roads that looked like full rivers (heart racing - and racing) we made it back to St. Charles and headed to a hotel. We spent the night there and relaxed with the family that night and then the next morning before heading to the Zoo!
Chase, Josh and Carrie sleeping Friday morning!

Aunt Carrie and Chase - I love this little guy in a hat!

Emma on the slide at the zoo - she had a blast on the playground and could have just stayed there all day!

Those goats are crazy!
So light on the pictures - we didn't take a ton at the zoo and our day went from good to bad towards the end of the zoo trip. We didn't think we were going to be able to get into the cabin at all so planned to stay at the hotel again. But we got a call at 2:30 saying that we could get there and there was only 1 section of flooded road on the way. Well - great - except it was already after check out time and we had plans for the evening. So we raced back to the hotel - checked out 1 room having to pay for a 1/2 day in it and then kept the other room for Zach to stay in since it wasn't much more and he was having to get on a plane at 6 AM the next morning for Chicago. We threw everything in cars and headed to the cabin.
Once there we literally threw the bags and 3 kids (2 yrs, 9 mo and 6 mo) into the cabin and wished Grandma and Papa good luck. Then we headed to the Cards game (pictures to come in next post).
Poor Papa and Grandma, both my kids got sick and grandma spend the rest of the night changing diapers and getting thrown up on...Sorry mom - we love you! Which was quite an ordeal considering they didn't know where anything was and had to dig for diapers, clothes and everything else they needed. They survived - but were not offering to babysit again real soon!
The cabin was in less than great conditions - while very cute - it had ants and a mouse problem...and when I say problem I'm not doing it justice. I would NOT recommend it to anyone. And to top it off - I'm still arguing with the owner about the charges.
We ended up having a great time - but we'll try a new house next time we're in St. Louis. There's more pictures and stories to come - check back soon!

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