Monday, June 14, 2010

St. Louis - Day 3

The Family at the Cabin on the Mississippi in May

Em and Chase playing in the pack-n-play

Papa Knute, Grandma Nesie, Emma, Tyler and Chase

Chase rockin his cute hat at the St. Louis Zoo

"I Get You" Emma playing with water in Missouri

Aunt Al and Baby Tyler!

Papa Knute and Em hot tubbin!

The Boys!

Okay - so after the game on Day 2 (which was Amazing - did I say that already?) Zach stayed at the hotel and then headed to Chicago for work early the next morning. We headed back to the cabin and after an interesting ride and Josh almost leaving Andrew out in the dark at the gate (HA - you have to know the story - but it was Funny!) to find Grandma and Papa with a pretty sick Emma and not so good Chase and Tyler. Emma had a stomach bug - which she gave to almost everyone in the next 2 weeks! Poor Grandma had changed diapers ALL night long. And then after all of that was over - Emma threw up all over. Again - I'm sorry!

We had a very relaxing day on Saturday with time to read, lay out in the beautiful sun, play in with water on the deck and just sit around and enjoy the family. We even made smores (on the stove - we were too lazy to make a fire but determined to have them!) And I have to say it - "How am I going to cook on these ducks?" OMG - another very funny story - but I won't tell it or name names because that would just be mean! I had a great day and miss hanging out with the fam since we just don't get home often enough!

That's our trip - we had a great time and can't wait to get together again - just not at that cabin!

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