Monday, May 17, 2010

Where did my baby go?

Okay - really - where did my little baby go? Because all I see at this house is Big Kids! It's official. We have a crawler and a big boy that can pull himself up. And the biggest news - it happened all within a weekend really. Chase has been on the verge of crawling for a Long time now - and this weekend he took off. He'd been rocking and crawling just far enough to reach things for months now - but now we crawl from room to room and can reach any of Emma's toys he wants. Emma is not so thrilled about this of course!

Tonight I actually caught Chase pull himself up for the very first time on video!

Emma is getting bigger by the minute - and her latest news is that she now sleeps under the crib - Yes - Under the crib. I'm not really sure why - but it started about 2 weeks ago and almost every night we find her under the crib with a pillow, blanket and George. We do move her to her bed later - but she also has found it necessary to get up EVERY morning at 5:00 AM. Yes - 5:00 AM. Boy I can't wait for this stage to end! It is nice to cuddle in our bed in the morning - but I'd be a little happier if it were 6 instead of 5!
Her other big news is that she has decided to potty train herself. She now refuses to wear cloth diapers and tonight even refused to wear a diaper to bed. I was able to talk her into a pull-up for bedtime tonight, but that was it. No diapers! Tomorrow she'll start wearing training pants to school (since she decided to wear her Elmo underwear over her diaper today I think that will be an improvement!). We'll see how it goes. I really think if we hadn't had Chase to take up so much time she would have been potty trained months ago - but I'm excited that she's making these decisions on her own and we haven't pushed her to be ready.

(This doesn't do the crib sleeping justice - but I guess she likes it under there where it's all dark or something! Who knows - we're just riding this one out to see how it goes!)

We've all been very busy so I haven't taken too many photos lately - but I will try to be a better blogger as the summer begins. We can't wait for our zoo trips, waterpark fun and swimming time!!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Vincent Family said...

What a good reminder of how fast they grow and change. The 'new baby' phase feels crazy when you are living it but it sure passes very fast. Give both your kiddos love from us in Topeka!!