Tuesday, June 8, 2010

St Louis - Day 2

Okay - so back to St. Louis - Friday night we took in a GREAT game from FABULOUS seats! We were 5 rows up from home plate in the Cardinal Club seats thanks to a Great Bud rep and friend of Zach's. Sometimes I Really Love the perks of all my husbands hard work and long hours! We had a wonderful buffet dinner at the club before the game and in-seat service all night. I think we tried one of everything on the menu - oh and we had a few drinks too - which is very evident as the pictures go on. What can I say - work hard - Play Harder!
Look how close we are!

Uncle Drew, Me and Aunt Al

After the game - our boys - why must they always have thier mouths open?

Again - mouth open - and yes - shots anyone?

And then there are the girls - no mouths open here - boys - take a lesson!
Aren't they Sweet! Uncle Josh and Aunt Carrie

What are you doing Uncle Drew???


That's much better!

Me and my man - Boy I love this guy!

Carrie - it's night time - take off the shades!

Again with the mouth - really?

We had a FABULOUS time at the game and After the game - if you can't tell by the pictures. Thanks again Mike for the great tickets. And a HUGE Thank You to Papa Knute and Grandma Nesie for watching my poor sick kiddos and baby Tyler. I'm So SORRY! Will you ever watch them again??? (Jury is still out according to Papa!)
Check back for more fun and Day 3 of our St. Louis Trip!

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