Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sick Baby!

Emma had a little bit of a rough day yesterday. She had a tummy ache most of the afternoon and all evening. By bed time we just couldn't be soothed and so we took a bath - which she loves - and still had a little temp. I finally got her to sleep around midnight and then she slept for a good 5 + hours. She woke up this morning a happier Emma and ate and went back to sleep!
Grandma Donna, Grandpa Randy and Aunt Grace are here visiting still so I have more pictures to post but it will have to be tomorrow. We're taking Emma down to visit daddy at Slugger today - he has an open house and they're doing free hot dogs, soda and popcorn! Anyone want to join us for lunch - I'll buy - ha ha!
Emma is going to her 1st Easter Sunday church service tomorrow. The weather is going to be cold here - but I'll still get some pics of her in her dress and tights to post! Hope everyone has a Great Easter!

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