Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Aunt Carrie's Visit

Aunt Carrie is here to visit! She got her on Sunday night and is staying until Thursday. So far Emma has gone on a few shopping trips - it's what Aunt Carrie and Val do best!

On Emma's 1st trip to Indiana - we had a blow-out on the highway. It took 2 hours to get it fixed (I don't change tires - so we had to wait on the toothless tow truck driver). Then we needed to put a littel air in the spare tire, so we headed to the gas station at the exit. We couldn't get it to air up at all. Zach felt so bad that he wasn't there that he showed up to help us even though I had told him there was no need (What a great husband and daddy). When he got there we were getting ready to head to the only place at that exit which was a semi service station. Thank goodness they felt bad for us and took a look at the tire while I took Emma to the dirty lounge to change her! They fixed the stem of the tire for us in about 5 mintues and didn't even charge us! They were wonderful. Then we finally made it (after 5 hours for a trip that should have taken an hour) to the outlet malls and Emma did great. Eating in two differnt dressing rooms and sleeping most of the rest of the time. She even slept through getting the tire changed.

Here's some photos of Aunt Carrie and Emma and a cute one of Emma smiling at her daddy!

Aunt Carrie even let Emma cuddle up in her "Blankie"

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