Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trip to Papa Knute and Grandma Nesie's House

At the "Pond" which is so much more like a Lake...We love our Papa and Grandma for making a fun place for us to come home!

Well - what can I say but I've been an Awful Blogger lately! A few weeks ago we took a trip home to Iowa to see Papa Knute, Grandma Nesie and all the rest of the fam. We spent almost a week in Iowa since it will be the last time we will be home until sometime in 2011.

I feel like a TERRIBLE mom for several reasons....

#1 - I took only a few photos - most of which are so random and have only animals in them and not papa's and dranma's (Grandmas).
Playing with the horses
Yes - another horse

#2 - Seatbelt laws were not properly inforced at all times - Rest assured everyone was completely safe and we were usually in a field
Yes - he's helping Papa drive

What? This isn't the way I'm suposed to sit in my car seat mom???
(Notice that the carseat is strapped in - but he is not...hmmm...somethings really wrong with this picture!)

There are more reasons I'm a bad mom - but we'll just leave it at two for today!
Anyway - We had a great time at home. We actually went home for my class reunion. We held it at my house and had a great time getting back in touch with all my friends and all our Kids!!! Thank goodness for our wonderful cousins, Lexi and Taylor, who helped watch my kids and the other 10 that were there too!!!
The weekend was full of street dances (just like Mardi Gras - just ask Zach!), Variety shows, Cemetary walks (which is a whole other story), visits with Grandma's and Papa's and Aunts and Uncles and lots of others! We swam, shopped (nightmare!) played with animals, went to the pond (um Lake), and Lots Lots More!
Zach and I also ran a race while home - Zach ran the 10K and tied his personal best time while finishing 2nd! He was neck and neck with #1 (a very seasoned runner) and just barely missed being #1. I ran the 2 Mile run and did pretty well for my 1st race. I'm getting there.
I'll post more about our trip later - for now - I'm off to bed. I think we need a vacation to rest up from our vacation!!!

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