Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone had a Safe and Happy 4th of July! We had a great one - so in backwards order...
Toward the end of the night - we really don't like the loud ones daddy!

The hit of the night!

A little Sparkler action

Watching fireworks in her big chair!

Snaps - We Love snaps!

Hanging out after the sprinkler with Papa Randy. We got a Suprise Visit from Papa and Grandma Donna right before the 4th! We miss you both already!

Big boy with big food. Chase is no longer eating ANY baby food. He refuses! He LOVES food - as long as it's messy and he can do it himself! Most of the time he eats more dinner than Emma.

Hanging out at the pool!

We LOVE Swimming!!!

So I've been a really bad blogger - but we've been so busy this summer. Zach's starting to work more and more with the Arena opening less than a 100 days away. Things are really starting to pick up. The kids have been very busy with visits from Grandma Debi and Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna. I've been just working and trying to keep everyone fed and clothed! We been swimming several times, to the zoo splash park (I'll post pics next time) and then of course busy with the 4th events. We took the kids down to the Waterfront concert on the 3rd of July and I wish I had brought the camera. They were both WONDERFUL! It was HOT - but between walks and running through the sprinkler down there - they didn't care. It was our best night out in a long time - no one threw any fits and everybody hung in till the end. We headed to the car right before fireworks to avoid an Emma meltdown. She rode home with her ears plugged even in the car because she could see them out the windows.
On the 4th we had friends over and grilled, did lots of snaps, sparklers and snakes. And then Zach lit off some smaller fireworks before Emma went to bed. It was the 1st time Emma got to see a real 4th of July (at least a kid version) so it was fun. We put her to bed before the loud ones started so we didn't have a post Thunder next few weeks. We've finally got her sleeping in her bed rather than under the crib so we thought that was best!
Emma has figured out how to crawl into the crib - so now every night we find the two of them in the crib laughing and jumping. It's too cute - but of course we have to scold and say it's a no-no because I'm worried she might smother Chase or something!
Other than that - life is good and busy.
Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you.

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