Monday, August 30, 2010

Chase is 1!!!

My little baby has turned into a Big 1 Year Old Boy! Chase turned 1 last Friday and it started the tour of family guests to our home. 1st up - Grandpa Randy and Grandma Donna! They arrived to find 2 sick kiddos. Chase started the round of sickness last Sunday with a runny nose and turned into a nasty cold. By Friday it had found it's way into an ear infection. Poor boy has been on medicine for almost 2 weeks now between his finger infection (now with a missing finger nail - yuck!) and his cold and then ears. He woke up Monday feeling much better! Our boy is back! Enjoy the photos of our birthday weekend - more photos and stories - and family visits to come!
Opening all my presents!

Here Chase - let me help you with that cake!

Finally he figured out that it wasn't bad stuff! (It took us 3 tries to actually get him to eat his cake - poor buddy just wasn't feelin good enough to have that much fun!)

His new big boy chair! Emma got hers for her 1 year birthday so we thought is was only right he get his own!

Cake try #1 - only a little mess and I don't think he actually ate any!

But isn't is a pretty cake!

Opening presents with all my friends! Collin and Emma were there willing to help if he couldn't get the job done!

Papa Randy and Chase - they had fun even with a runny nose!

Emma got to decorate her own cupcake - and then eat it of course!

We had a Great birthday and a great time with Papa and Grandma! We miss you guys already! Thanks for spending both of Chase's birthday's with us!!!

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Vincent Family said...

WOW! One year already?! Where did the time go? Happy Birthday BIG boy!!