Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Visit from Aunt Al and Uncle Drew

Aunt Al and Chase

Uncle Drew and Chase

So we had some suprise visitors that I mentioned in a past blog, but I wanted to really thank them for coming to visit and for taking such good care of Baby #1 - Emma. She really enjoyed the visit from Aunt Al and Uncle Drew - we don't get to see them enough! They showed up at the hospital on Saturday and to suprise me and stayed overnight at our house on Sunday to watch Emma. The next day they visited Chase and us again and then took Emma to Brown park to feed the ducks. You can see from the video below how much she loved it!

Feeding Ducks at Brown Park

Chasing the Ducks!

Uncle Drew is Always fun to play with!

So Again - Thanks guys for the Great Suprise and for taking good care of Emma while you were here. Wish we could suprise you and the new baby in December - but unfortunately we'll have to wait to see the new Newman until Christmas! Love you both and miss you!

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Vincent Family said...

Looks like Emma had a GREAT time!