Friday, September 4, 2009

Chase's 1st Week Home

It's been a wild 1st week at home, but it's going great! Chase is loving being home and has only spend 1 night awake with days and nights confused. Other than that, he's been up every 3 hours (so 2 - 3 times a night) to eat and then right back to sleep! That's about as good as you can ask for a 8 day old baby! During the day he's sleeping a lot, but each day waking a little more.

Sleeping Boys

Kisses from Big Sis

He was born at 7.4 lbs and left the hospital at 6.8. After Zach thought he was more yellow last night (he has jaundice) - we decided to go to the doctor for a weight check this morning. Unfortunately he has not gained any weight - he still is at 6.8. So we're going back in tomorrow to check it again. We're hoping it's just the jaundice not letting him gain and that it will pass soon. Keep your fingers crossed for us. He is a much better eater than Emma though so I think we'll be okay. We'll keep you updated.

Cuddling with Grandma Denise
Big Girl Emma and Grandpa Knute

We've had a GREAT time with Grandpa Knute and Grandma Denise. Grandpa and Zach even got to golf already this week and we went to watch Zach play slow-pitch softball last night. Unfortunately he pulled his hamstring rounding 3rd base and is Really hurting. No running for a little while :(

Other than that - everyone is doing great and enjoying spending some time with Emma and Chase! Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Vincent Family said...

Welcome home! I love the pictures!