Friday, September 25, 2009

Grandma Debi's Visit

Grandma Emma and Chase talking!
Our last visitor for a while was Grandma Debi! She was here Chase's 2nd week home to help us out and play with Emma. We had a great time while she was here and even got to go to Chase's 1st ballgame at Slugger and 1st Zoo trip!

There is a HUGE Silverback Gorilla right behind them - I wish you could see it better!

No Fear...
I really Love the water!

After getting wet at the splash park

Grandma and Emma at the Zoo!

Emma and Grandma had a great time at the zoo - Grandma Debi even got wet at the splash park with Emma. Since school is back in session and it's getting cooler - I didn't think the splash park would be open. Luckily it was - but Emma had to go in her extra t-shirt from the diaper bag and her swim diaper. Just shows you that you must ALWAYS be prepared with a spare swim diaper in the bag right! We never leave home without one! She had a great time playing in the big kids area and not getting knocked down!
Grandma Debi brought Emma a Paint-with-Water book - She Loves it!
The game was great - we had a suite and ate great food - Thanks Chef Jim! (My favorite was the rice krispy bars - hint hint). I love being in the suites because Emma can run and play and she's locked in one small area - so it's pretty safe! Chase enjoyed the game and slept through the majority of it.

Grandma spent a lot of her evenings patting Chase who is a very gassy baby! Poor boy - almost every night he has fits of gas and just looks pitiful. He's getting better, but hopefully will grow out of it soon. If that's the worst of it - we're lucky!

Anyway - Thanks Grandma Debi for visiting and playing with us. We're looking forward to seeing you in October!!!

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