Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Catching up on Pictures!

Here's some photos and updates on what we've been doing lately! Enjoy!

Emma admiring the pumpkin at the Gaslight Parade

We were cooking dinner after cleaning up the stroller for our trip anc this is where we found Emma a while later! She fit perfectly and was so proud of herself! Ha!

It's Football Time - Go Jags!

Sleeping baby Chase!

So we took a quick trip to Cincinnati to visit the zoo and aquarium 2 weeks ago. It was a great trip - we left Friday morning and headed to the zoo. Stayed there all day and then headed to our hotel. We had dinner and then headed to the pool. We picked our hotel because it had a "dome" with indoor pool, kiddie pool, pool table, games, playground and much more. It was perfect for Emma. So we swam that night until 9:30 and then again the next morning. Getting Emma to bed that night was interesting - we played musical beds until we finally got her to sleep. Chase and I slept on one bed and I'm not sure I slept because I was trying to make sure he didn't make a sound and wake everyone else up. We were still eating every 2 hours but only woke Emma up once - which is when she quickly reminded me that she wanted DADDY and not me! That's a change! She went right back to bed and slept the rest of the night - after she made her dad switch beds again! hehe!
The next day we headed to the aquarium and then for lunch and home. The trip home was a little long - ask Zach about it sometime! But we made it and it was a great 1st trip for this family of 4! Our next trip begins on Friday when we head back for Chase's baptism and will be gone for 10 days. Hope this one goes as well as Cincy did!
Enjoy the photos!
At the Cincinnati Zoo - Ready to get going!

Emma on my favorite - the Gorilla!

Emma climing on the spider web at the children's section of the Cincy zoo - she loved this thing!

Emma and a Giraffe - we were REALLY close to them - it was neat!
Splashing in the baby pool with Dad!
"I'm not a baby - let me swim!" No baby pool for us - we're all about the big water!

Me and the kids at the Newport Aquarium

Petting the Sharks!

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Vincent Family said...

What a fun trip. It looks like everyone had a really good time!

P.S. I am glad that the tutu was a hit!